Genetic Variation

Hey folks…

I’ve been away for quite a while, but I sure have been enjoying my ILGM genetics. Top notch! Top notch!

I bit off more than I can chew (I’m afraid) on a certain project - and I am hoping that someone with more experience with ILGM beans can make my life easier.

I planted 4 each of Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze and Purple Haze (2 GL, 1 SSH and 1 PH have finished, the remaining 2 GL, 3 SSH and 3 PH are finishing week 2 of flower in phenomenal no-till soil and grocery store inputs for pennies compared to what I used to spend…but I digress).

My goal was to determine my favorite expressed phenotype of each strain and keep this one as a mother plant to run these specific phenos in perpetuity.

These is proving challenging as I failed to account for how much space 12 mothers (not to mention my cookies kush, critical kush, sour og and larry og mothers :astonished:

So the question (FINALLY!) … what kind of consistency have you experienced across seeds from these strains? Is it worth looking for a “keeper” or are they all going to fall within an acceptably small range? I am concerned with quality primarily, but solid production does factor in as well.

The two GL that I finished last run smoked pretty comparably to each other - one seemed to have a SLIGHTLY more indica lean to it, but nothing to write home about.

SSH seems to grow fairly uniformily, but I have PH phenos that are tall and short.

At any rate… care to comment on genetic consistency through ILGM genetics?

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I’ve seen some structural differences between Gold Leaf with some sporting huge fan leaves while others looked more like a White Widow. Taste and effects were similar.

One thing I’d look for is how the plants orient their branches with respect to the next lower level. I prefer a plant that staggers branches which reduces interactions between branch levels and fills the canopy better.

Some plants have 90° (4) branches per row and some have 120° spacing (3).


Very ambitious but so cool
I have pairs of the purple haze and gold leaf as well this grow as well as pairs of ILGM northern lights , chemdawg
It will interesting to see if they all express the same phenos or different ones

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Check this out moght be just what you need to do lol just a thought


Whoa @Countryboyjvd1971! That is wayyyy down the rabbit hole. I dig it!

I think I’ll ask @Donaldj his opinion. Seems he has grown quite a few ILGM strains.

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Welcome back my MI friend.

I don’t know much about genetics, but the best explanation I have heard is, if you have 2 parents and they have children all the children will look different. Like wise when you have 2 plants they will have traits of each plant but may each look different.

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I can only speak on there white widow fem, it’s the only strain I’ve grown multiple times. But every time I’ve grown it the finish product has been very consistent. It seemed to have the same growth pattern as far as progress goes all seemed top notch

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You would think but I live in British Columbia,Canada seeds were legal to buy in most hydroshops and smoke shops as (novelty seeds :wink: ) so picture 100’s of strains by different companies on a sun glass like display rack. I have 2 ILGM strains Superskunk and Bubblegum with Berry Mix pack on order as many members know we don’t mind where you get your seeds from just that they are MJ :slight_smile: I joined the team because I love to grow and share info with others helps I am second generation grower who likes to experiment


Sums it up quite nicely breeding is about blending best result come from hedged bets double breeding. Having true male and female of each strain pollenate each female from other strains male plant resulting seeds and cross breed them again with strongest and best plants the seeds from the second breeding will have stronger more stable traits and genes. This is called back breeding after second breeding with the traits you liked reinforced you breed again once more to stablize lock in traits at this point any seeds gathered should be predictable and far more consistent. If you only breed one time your plants will vary greatly in which traits they express the variance is reduced with the reinforced breeding. This is the main reason may hobby growers don’t breed to get a solid strain can take 9 months to a year eating up space nutrients and power and time


@donaldj @MAXHeadRoom This much I understood, having a rudimentary understanding of genetics.

What you mentioned at the end of your last post, @Donaldj was what I was driving at. How well worked are the ILGM lines? What kind of consistency do you see between seeds of the same strain?

Obviously, there will be some variation, but selective inbreeding does do a lot to homogenize the resulting stock (see prebed showdogs) - just curious where ILGM fell as far as back crosses, etc in order to stablize the expected genetic outcomes.

Many other sites list specific genetic lines as well as ratios of any expected phenotypes.

Honestly, I know nothing about this. @BlackShirt

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Agent Orange is a marijuana strain known for its sweetness. Fans enjoy both its sweet flavor and fragrant aroma. This hybrid is 50% sativa 50% indica, a balanced blend that washes your worries away while also delivering a sudden rush of energy.

Unlike its namesake, the deadly chemical, the Agent Orange strain of marijuana is nothing close to scary. In fact, it makes people quite happy. The strain is fragrant, with a citrusy aroma and taste, with a sudden shock of cheese. This child of parent strains Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper contains 10% to 19% THC and 0.01% to 0.1% CBD. So, not only does it pack a punch in the euphoria department, but it also has some useful medicinal properties.

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Origin Of Banana Kush Strain
This bright green strain of cannabis is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is composed of 60% indica and 40% sativa. Banana Kush was first bred by Cali Kush, tracing its roots to the State of California. It has a THC level up to 27% with a CBD level between 0.1%-0.7%.

The cannabis is as a result of a cross breed between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains. However, some say that it is as a result of crossing some other Banana strain with an OG Kush strain. This indica-dominant strain is considered legendary on the west coast. It is hugely popular in the California-based cannabis medical communities due to its medical capabilities.

California isn’t the only place where this strain is popular. You’ll also easily find it in Portland OR, Denver CO, Eugene OR, Seattle WA, Everett WA, and Spokane WA. You’ll even find it in Canada with Ottawa ON, and Calgary AB is leading the list. It is common in coffee shops, cannabis markets, dispensaries and is widespread in rap and reggae music industry.

Click read more (in red) on main description
The reason ILGM tends to take time adding new strains is they are ensuring breeding and quality is stable, I am located in Canada and a Forum Mod not at the mothership in Amsterdam but very few seed banks risk their rep on shoddy genes. If they listed 1000’s of seeds than I would be nervous as to sourcing less strains typically points to more quality control

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