Grafting advanced growers only

This will be an introduction of sorts to an advanced technique with multiple applications and benefits to those able and or limited in plant numbers. It is a learning curve for me as well so I will cover many advanced theories as well as techniques you will have to bare with me as I am new to it as well :wink: It could be a fun ride


I’ll be watching and learning along with you…:v::seedling:

I have some experience trying to maximize my space/family and free time/$/yield/etc
As I have constraints in all areas so advanced and or creative techniques are what I use and would like to learn from this thread as well.
I considered all of those things plus things like chance of bugs when picking my growing medium.
When to spend more than other areas on a particular item and when not to…


I suppose for sake of clarity I should first break down what grafting is which may make it easier for people to see advantages and potential complication?
Grafting is the process by which a single (Mother) plant can support and carry genes of of several other (donor) plants with a single root system trunk. Think of this as commuting everyone is going same place so why not jump in one vehicle to get there :wink: Basically a graft is a clone or cutting of another plant sliced to an existing and healthy root system and plant.
What do you mean??? well it doesn’t mean this hitch hiker now becomes the plant it’s attached to no actually it is still it’s own plant?
What advantage would this weird Frankenstien be? well first off since the mother is 1 strain and the donor is another I now have 2 strains on 1 plant :slight_smile: How so and how is this an advantage?
Well it’s very simple less footprint less physical plants. Why? simple many places have plant limits many people have space constraints so really why not? Let’s think of it this way who doesn’t like variety?, now lets say I have space to keep 1 mid sized mother plant but want to try new strains without giving up the ones I already have and like. So in theory I can keep several strains in single plant would it not be nice?
No they don’t become blended or the mother what they actually are is same plant you cut them off :stuck_out_tongue: we won’t discuss genetic drift since I am not the mad doctor and this isn’t about creating new strains it’s keeping the ones you have :thinking:
How pray tell does this work? by forcing a plant to heal into and become part of another this has been done with roses fruit trees and other plants for decades


I remember talking with you about this. I love the idea of grafting alternative plants onto a “Mother” plant to allow you to clone different genetics using the smae stalk and root zone on 1 plant. Excellent idea. :santa:


Hi buddy I’ll give you a shout if you want :wink: have a poll going on my seed starting thread letting members pick the medium I start Bubblegum in wasn’t sure where to place this thread


I purchased some things to help me with this project but may or may not be needed just recommended

  • Grafting wax (used to seal cuts and solidly secure graft)
  • Wiltpruf (to slow evaporation of cuttings leaves)
  • Clear plastic bags (will loosely tie over grafts) humidity dome of sorts :wink:
  • Razor blades (want them new and sterile)
  • rubbing alcohol and peroxide (cleanliness sterile matters)
    Possible plan-b items
  • Bandage tape
  • toothpicks (splints)
  • Honey beeswax
    Strains to be grafted Blueberry, Purple Kush :Starting small but goal is to have 4-5 on single plant :grin:

My Dad had special knives when he did grafting on citrus trees. I’m going to be lurking again :grinning:


How do you identify each one?


Will be tagging them, will start with smaller mothers and keeping donor until satisfied. Goal is to be confident enough to graft to root system of my GC when it gets harvested in another 3-4 weeks.
There is more than one reason to graft the most classic being one plant has superior roots system crappy fruit no reason this can’t be used for our application too :wink:


I’m very curious

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Set to watching @Donaldj I want to learn to do this as well. Even if I fail.


Me too @Covertgrower


So am I understanding this correct? You are gonna take and harvest a gc but only cut the branches of and graft on a different strain keeping that root structure? And you plan to have 3 or 4 different strains on 1 plant?


Yeah I am looking for clarity on this one as well. If I understand it correctly, you have a plant with a good root system and, perhaps, substandard buds, and it’s a great candidate to become the FrankenMother. You harvest what you can/want off the plant, and then use it to be the “host” for the other strains, which you then graft onto the “host” or FrankenMother.

Is that the process? It’s not taking an existing mother, cutting off a branch on her, and sticking a new branch in it’s place, right?


sounds about right but lets start with simple first :slight_smile:
I couldn’t stall so had to start off right

start list tools some PK and hash to get me motivated :stuck_out_tongue:

My donor PK I took 3 cuttings as I would for a clone 3-4 nodes and straight into cold water

Mother plant Blueberry I gave her a quick trim then selected where I wanted to graft cutting a V notch in green still flexible stalk. The cutting I cut a long wedge into and slid into notch using a heat shrink tube to hold together

I don’t expect it will work as well as my second and third done with grafting wax

better picture of steps taken

I strayed down grafts with wiltpruf then bagged

as you can see the one I never used wax on wilted right away but I won’t right any off yet I expect they will start much like clones


It can be but the best roots will be those of a full grown plant which since I rotated my mothers I don’t have monster mothers at the moment. The best root systems I have are in flower that doesn’t stop me from playing to learn what will work


Interesting thread, especially as I’m getting serious about keeping some mothers long term. Should work very well. I’ve repaired completely detached stems with dental floss, toothpicks and a dot of super glue gel.


I have experience in grafting heirloom tomatoes.

I grafted quite a few strains onto disease resistant root stock.
I will attempt this with some cannabis strains.

Thanks for the demonstration and instruction.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


so you get how simple it could be in theory now picture a plant trained from start to serve simply as surrogate for my other strains