Grafting and fluxing has anyone tried it or had success with it?

I was surfing on instagram this mornin and I found where a grower had grafted 14 different strain on one plant. I believe he used a training method called fluxing before to grow the colas he needed for the graft. It seemed like once you got a grasp of it you could maximize your space or restrictions for number of plants. Just a thought, it looked interesting.
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I’ve never tried anything that advanced but would be interested in seeing what others say

New one on me too

It’s basically looks like a main line but you pin it down and leave it the whole time. The grow to look like a mass of main colas

Most people use this method as a mother plant,to save space. Some people are saying if you flower out the plant it may become crossed with the host. But most believe it would not. I would love to try this but don’t have the space (but I will sone).
My plan is to stack GSCX and Strawberry Kush on top of each other 2-3 each on same plant, bring to flower then clone. The hope is to make a strawberry cookie with out breeding. although I’ve never seen it done, but I’ll try.

I figured it could be used to have 1 plant and have a couple different strains wouod be cool, just pluck some clones, grow and flower them, then take clones off a different strain. Could do it like that then take how many more plants you’ll want before you start another “mother” and then graft different strains haha


I was just lookin to see if anyone has ever done this or had success with it

@Hawkeye_diesel what ur talking about is what I’ve seen for the most part, there are a few videos on u tube I’ve watched to help understand.