General Hydroponics good? bad?

Does anybody have any experience using the general hydroponics nutes? They are relatively cheap compared to other brands, wondering if they are worth the money. Thanks!


@waffledaycare When I did my first hydro grow-I used GH three bottle kit to grow. It was simple, and I enjoyed the end product- Cindy99 and Mazar-i-Shariff.

But that was in 2006. Been a while. Anyone else got recent stories?

SL out


Their products are fine.


Nothing wrong with GH: the only nutrient line to go to space too.

As for ease of use and low cost look into Jack’s. Part A and B with Epsom grows some wicked flower with the lowest cost around.


I’ve been using the GH Flora line with the additional professional additives.

Good stuff for my DWC hydroponics.


I was scrolling to post gh is good enough for NASA it’s problem good enough for any of us.

The thing is just because it seems inexpensive is far from the most affordable to use.


To be fair, NASA just grows veggies in space. I grow vegies with GH too, but it’s much different than growing cannabis. I won’t complain about GH, it’s fine, but I’m experimenting with Jack’s for the first time, and it seems much more gentle than GH, with much better pH buffering IMO so far. It’s also half the price gallon for gallon. I’m still using GH for veggies, but Jack’s seems more formulated for Cannabis, even in RO.



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Yep, I’m getting a much better flower with the 10 part nutrients in the professional line.

There are many hydroponic nutrient lines available in the market, and choosing the best one depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, based on expert reviews, Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow Terpene Enhancing Base Nutrient Vegetative Formula is considered the best overall option¹². It is a water-soluble plant nutrient that is customized to meet the needs of specific types of crops and is designed to enhance terpene production, which can improve the flavor and aroma of your plants.

Another popular hydroponic nutrient line is the General Hydroponics Flora Series, which is the manufacturer’s original 3-part hydroponic-based nutrient system¹. It is a versatile nutrient line that can be used for all types of crops and is designed to provide the essential nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive.

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option, Cal Mag Plant Supplement is a good choice. It is a liquid plant food that provides calcium and magnesium to your plants, which can help increase yield in hydroponics.