General Hydroponic nutrients vs. Botanicare

Hey, I’m new to growing cannabis. I live in Canada.
I have been researching and studying growing cannabis for years.
I was planning to use the entire GH line up hoping to get the best results. + Liquid Karma and Hydro Guard. I’ve read that Botanicare can completely replace the GH lineup and it would be cheaper.
does anyone recommend that method? or is GH my best choice?
I am trying to eliminate the possibility of root rot. also, I read a small amount of hydrogen peroxide conditions the roots at the beginning stages of the plant’s life. I’m trying to get the best densest most fruitful buds possible.
180$ for 14grams of GOOD flower in Toronto and I can’t help but think I can grow my own.
Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated.


Both are good options. Hydroguard will help with roots. @Myfriendis410 can give better advice than I can on GH products. Botanicare I think is similar.

is it ok to mix and match solution brands and products?
GH is more reputable but I think adding botanicare might be beneficial to the final product. a friend of mine bought some really nice bud but its twice the price. thats the kind of stuff im hoping to get by investing in the right fertilizers…

I started out with Fox Farm. The results were good, but I felt as if they could have been better. After that I tried NPK Industries, my plants did not like that very much. On a suggestion from another user here in the forum, I tried Advanced Nutrients. It’s a little pricey to get the complete line, but very well worth it in my opinion. There was a clear difference in my plants, and after the first run with the Advanced Nutrients I saw an incredible difference in the root balls. Aside from that, their base nutrients have pH perfect technology. I don’t need to adjust the pH after mixing a feeding, it’s always in the perfect range. I’m sure there’s lots of good products and choices out there, but I’m 100% sold on AN.

advanced nutrient… ill research it.
I was planning to go with general hydroponics but I will investigate further.
I planned on getting bud candy and final finish and mixing it with my GH formula and some Botanicare products.

I’ve run the entire GH line and used Botanicare Hydroguard and Cal Mag. It is interchangeable with GH.

You might want to do some research into ‘Jack’s 3-2-1’ as an alternate to GH: it’s less expensive and turning out to be a wonderful nutrient line.

Peroxide is to be used very sparingly around roots as it can burn them. It’s used extensively to disinfect hydroponic tanks and lines and that is where you would find a use for it. In general I would not apply to roots.

Watch this video: it’s long but will give you a great look into growing cannabis.


what type of lights do you prefer…?
I bought a spyder farm sf4000 and haven’t gotten to use it yet.
I will remove hydrogen peroxide from my recipe.

The best lights on the market today are by Horticulture Lighting Group (in Canada too) and uses the latest generation Samsung diodes. These lights are nothing short of a revelation in indoor growing. They aren’t cheap but they are way less expensive to run and they outgrow anything except sunlight.

I went the d.i.y. route because I had access to aluminum for heatsink material (the most expensive part of the build) and that forced me in that direction.

Our lighting guru started this a couple of years ago. It’s long but filled with pearls of wisdom. Worth perusing.


my sf4000 use the diodes. its a quantum board and just a flat panel.
a lot cheaper to operate and uses less heat.

You can also check out the flora flex nutrients. I use them and they are amazing! No complaints whatsoever.