Emerald harvest

Ive used emerald harvest on a few grows now with some great results. I use the veg and flower 2 part, honey chome, king kola, and cal mag. Have nt tried the emerald goddess.

Thinking of switching, they are kinda pricey. Whats out there thats new and folks are liking??

For straight up cost effectiveness and performance my go to is Jack’s two part. 5-12-26 part A and 15-0-0 part B. You add your own Epsom’s salt for magnesium. About $60 for each bag on Amazon. Sounds like a lot but will give you A LOT of nutrients for the money.

General Hydroponic’s is the best on the market.

Yup I really like GH Flora Trio. A lot more expensive though.

I like general hydro, its pricey too though. Ive used it. Looking for something new, on the cheap

My friends who like to grow on the cheap use Dyna-Gro. I’ve used it before as well, grew many great buds with it.

Ill check that out. Thanks

Isn’t GH owned by Monsanto?

I/we resorted to mixing our own full spectrum plant food made from pharma and food grade compounds.
We developed it because we weren’t happy with what the market had to offer.

Playing hopscotch with all the different colorful packaged fertilizers out there became a lesson in what kills them the fastest and what they can survive on.

That’s all I got to say, however, some of the soil based mediums and amendment products on the market work very well.

100% hydroponic feeding has much tighter tolerances than soil amendments, the slightest slip-up on formulation parameters and end user mixing procedures has disastrous results, therefore I would say it’s for professional use only.

I really considered trying a super soil or even setting up for hydro. I just dont care all that much fot the “totally organic” trend rite now. Im sure strong textits gotta be better for your body in the long run but ive noticed no difference in flavor or effect in any i have ever smoked.

Nooo idea. Not a fan of those fuckers tho. If they are then ill definately be switching.

I looked it up. They are owned by Monsanto. Fortunately for me all I have is a small kit of pH up & down.

Ive never used gen hydro, i thought you were refering to emerald harvest. I got the ph up and down as well from GH. Now that i know that ill find another brand next time i buy