Gelato Autos in flowering or vegetative stage?

Hi all,

1st successful grow (so far, I think), and was just wondering if my 2 Gelato Autos are in the flowering stage yet, or still vegetative.

Its been almost 5 weeks exactly since the germinated seeds were planted. I tied down one plant for LST yesterday and am wondering if I did that too late and if I should continue. Pictures below. They are also very small, which concerns me.



Its a girl…congrats. :+1::+1::+1:

@MrPeat thanks! Do you think I should continue with the LST?

Nah they get way to brittle during flower gratz on the shorty( next time try giving them more light early on and you may get better overall growth but any success for your first grow IS AWESOME)

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@GreenSnek okay, thanks! The plant I tied down yesterday…Should I untie it?

Nah it’ll be fine they only just hit flower

I let my Autos do their own thing with no interference from me. :+1:


Mehh I find indica dominants really benefit from lst sativas naturally are pretty bushy (I lst them anyways though and that’s how I got like 8 colas from my left mostJack herer )