GDP mini Flower

I pollinated GDP Auto with Lemon Haze and came up with this. She’s about 6 weeks and almost 4 inches tall. About 1 week into flower. I’ve been experimenting for a few years with different genetics.

It’s growing in DWC with Advanced nutrients. Outdoors.

I’ll post regularly with new photos during the rest of her grow. Maybe she’ll form a full bud.


She’ll form a full bud. Going to end up being a micro plant. But it is fun tinkering with genetics!


Now thats impressive! Whoa.

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Id love to check those terps! SLH x GDP? Ooo yes please!

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I have no idea how the Auto Flowering process works or how the genetics are made. I was really shocked that this seed even germinated.

If this produces a full size bud…that would be awesome.Right…the terps would be nice.


Not much change in the past week.

Starting to bulkup :laughing:
Bruce Banner marker is just there for the pix…the flower is GDP.

This is it