Gdp auto in weight?


Some one grow gdp auto here in page?
If yes how mutch on one plant you get?

Can’t really answer that question. Each plant grows its own way and you take care of each one differently. Varies plant to plant

Even larger variable is each grower grows differently, environment, nutes, all sorts of stuff. Even if the three of us all had a clone and vegged for the same we would have different results.

As everyone has said grow to grow is a different out come. That being said I just harvested GDP, I got near 5oz in my 2x2x4 tent. I grew photo not auto


One plant?

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Impressive!! :grimacing:

Yee but clone on auto really??

Yee what i whant to see hit me more gdp auto photo please so do i put my up when the seeds arrive.

What do you mean?

Want to se the struktur on plant the nodes on auto gdp so I now how i make this biggest possible.

Order auto but you can see not a auto so today after 48hour in dark I turn lights on 12/12 so let it blomm.