Garrigan62 can you please help me set up my autoflower

You are off to a really great start as far as supplies go it looks! I’d recommend slowing down for now, and seeing what happens, and how you like your new toys before buying more. As you grow, you find things you like, and don’t like. You also run into issues you didn’t expect. And will need to make more purchases for. You aren’t going to need any nutrients for awhile. You have great soil, and further amendment that aren’t needed. I’d not add anything other than perlite to your soils if this is your first grow. The ocean forest is pretty hot, and will burn some plants alone. I’d mix both your soils with about 25-33% perlite, and layer in pot. Ocean forest bottom 50-70% of container, fill with the happy frog and see how the first couple weeks goes. Then you will have a better feel for how things are going, and can use your plants progress as s tool to find out what you may need. You can start a grow log and share your results, and ask for advice when your ready.


Thank you so much. I am add and adhd with anxiety. I read ten times before i get whats there. I am taking your advice. It makes me calm down. Thank you very much.

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Well I t seems all my friend had you covered pretty dam well.
If I can be of any other help please ask OK



Garriga62 can you please watch this and tell me what you think. Four inches is all you need --Make her explode - YouTube

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Very cool video! Thanks for sharing that!

Did you see that autoflower he had?

Yea dude. Insane. I want to grow an auto in my DWC and see how much I can yield.

There’s another guy I’ve seen on there who grows unbelievable auto flowers, dr.autoflower adventures I believe is his name :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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He did the same thing in a one gallon pot. Dudes pretty knowledgeable. Ive been following him for a while.

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He also did this with high watt bulbs…

Ya i saw part of it. Thats crazy. but I want to see it again. And yes I will help you. I’ll get you my ink to my tread where I’m getting ready to switch to all auto’s.
I’m in the middle of redesigning my grow room. The plan is to have auto’s coming in back to back say doing a harvest every other week. Doing 5 to 8 ILGM plants at a time
Everything wi be tuned before starting. lights two 1000 watts for flower. I have three other tents that will have 400 watts HP’s lights for vegg. I make my own soil. Nutrients tobe decided later. I have a drip setup for watering it waters up to 20 plants.
Grow pots will be 10 gal black smart pots.and that’s just getting started.
Then its taking all the knowledge that I have and apply iit to this grow.

This is my link



Link me in on that too Homie! I am ready to learn the ways of the Red Eye Jedi


What I’m going to do is start a new journal on Auto’s. Decided on Super Skunk auto and Blueberry auto.
Cloning will play a big roll. Out of bothstrai s I’ll pick out the best of each one mother and use my two 3x3x76 tents one for each mother. And the 4x5x76 tent for veggnhing.
@Soilgrowth. And @4play I’ll give you my soil mix. I hope you both do soil.

Note on this later


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I will be using soil

@4play, & Soilgrowth

Then you’ll h all set then…I’m going to finish up this grow of Panama Red & Acapulco Gold, W W Auto and Skunk Auto about 8 or 10 plants. So I’ll be ready at the first of the yr.

@4play & @soilgrowth
My Soil Mix ( pretty easy. )

1.). Pro Mix BX

2.). Nutrient free soil

3.) Bat Guno

4.). Worm Casting

Every time I water I use this…

I’ll cuff my hands and take 4 maybe 3 of the BX it don’t have to be pro mix but anything thats very similar.
Then I do the same with nutrient free soil
Then I add good dusting of the bat guno.
The worm castings sprinkle two hands full then mix it in repeat.

B Safe


Mix small amounts to make sure a really good mix?

I prefer soil.


Right on. Then all three of us can do a grow together.
Now I don’t know where you and @4play are in your current grows.
But I’ll be the first of the year.
If you two can join me in the Auto grow I’ll start a new thread for the three.
Sound you guys ?


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When are you doing the 1st of the year? Im almost done with my white thunder. Sounds good to me. I have tree ak47 ilgm seeds.

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Ill be ready by then most certainly.

Ill benout of touch for a week or so.