Ganja J's first effort

Looking sticky! Terps (smells) coming out yet? Told ya my girl stretched her a** off… height difference amazing?

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Oh yeah, the terps have a nice piney scent so far. I keep both my girls in my shop at night so there’s a nice fragrence waiting for me in the morning. I have a fan giving them a nice breeze at night.
The plant in the photos is the OG Kush autoflower. The Purple Trainwreck plant is taking its sweet time adding a few pistils every day. It’s in no big hurry, just growing taller & thicker. About 30" now. I’m thinking later in September b4 it’ll be ready. It has passed the OG Kush plant in height. I made a rookie mistake, didn’t get the OG Kush plant topped in time so it looks like I will have a long Thai stick-like set of buds to go with the ones on the branches.

Here’s another one with a different perspective.

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OG K (the OG pheno u wanted) usually grew is funny looking buds. Primo smoke tho. A fee other phenos made prettier buds. But the OGK i want should be parental to the diesels of the day. There are skunky funky phenos. And more cheesey ones. But i prefer the fuel.


I had some PW seeds that didn’t pop was really looking forward to growing them but didn’t work out. I’m interested in how your plant will do and what the yield is. I got the seeds cause I smoked some of it and was like oh yeah.

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@Kevfrmthestl @PurpNGold74 As for flowering, my Purple Trainwreck plant is about a month behind the OG Kush Autoflower plant. However, the plant is strong & bushy, half again the thickness of the OGK stem. I’d bet I’ll get double the weight in bud vs the OG Kush AF. Maybe the OG Kush will be dry by then? How long does it take to dry those buds?
Have either of you bought seeds online? If so, from who? I need to start planning for next spring.

Thats a tricky question. This is ILGM forum so definitely have to show props. Ive only grown their WWA but it was a breeze anf glorious smoke. Much better then you’d imagine white widow tasting.

Normally i shop with the Attitude. Only with great specials… combine 3+ diff ones and watch the numbers stack. But they have so many diff breeders its overwhelming. Click promotions and look for something you think you want.

Breeders are the real key to seed shopping. But thats a problem for after the growing bug has bitten.

Subcool (TGA) is the man. U can find duds tho.

DarkHorse/InHouse both cost alot. N im not super impressed for the cost.

Humboldt… you cant go wrong. Remind me of ILGM without the forum.

Barney’s Farm.:… hell no

DJ Short… top shelf… expensive as hell…

Ton of cats honestly. Im running 5-6 Phenofinders strains this rip. Just want 1 or 2 winners

@PurpNGold74 I didn’t “want” the OG Kush seed, it was given to me in medical bud I bought nearly 2 years ago. Kinda rare to find that but, hey, it happens. Same with the one Purple Trainwreck seed, only that came in some medical bud bought in early 2019, b4 my medical card expired. I didn’t renew it since voters here legalized it in the 2018 vote, so I had 6 months to stock up since it took the state and the city over a year to get their shit together. I like to say hey dragged their feet for so long that they went through 3 pairs of shoes. :slight_smile:

Lol. I wish my state would legalize. I could grow outside 9-10 months a year. Easy. Only worry would be BR… :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:

Also free seeds GET dropped. I got 4 from some decent smoke my guy just dropped off. ~20 grams. 4 seed in one little nugg :laughing:

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No clue what BR means. 9-10 months/year? You must be in the southern USA. Northern midwest here.6-7 months tops, so 1 crop + 2 crops of autoflower plants.

I bought seeds online many years ago and they made it. I got Buddha cheese, purple wreck and arjan ssh. None of them popped. I got replacements at the local shop for this summer. I’ll be shopping this fall fo spring. I’ve been looking here at their seeds. My local shop has a thing going tomorrow for seeds might take a stop bye to see what doing.

I’ve heard that PW was a slow grower. Maybe glad I didn’t grow them. I’m a kush guy and love my gassy, piney, lemon flavors. I will say the PW was great smoke enough that I bought the seeds. The crazy thing I don’t think I’ve ever seen it since then. This maybe the reason why , slow grower.

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That’s the best when you get smoke you really like and there’s seeds. It’s a double win. It’s better than going to the store and getting free stuff.

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I don’t know if anyone has seeds in this area/state. Will have to ask around. This site could work but the price is higher than some others, but they don’t take anything but cash.

Bergman’s order process states they take plastic, so that would be plus.

SEC country. Mississippi to be exact

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Yep, @PurpNGold74, good long weed-growing season there. :blush:

Man you sound like me! Love those flavors. Find you a GOOD Chemdawg. 91 if you can. Perfect flavors. ILGM Sour Diesel is a beast i hear as well (@Myfriendis410)


The f’ed up thing is I gave my neighbor some of my bag seeds and his popped within three days. I just went and checked them today to see the size and there about 3-4 ft. I almost think bag seed is better cause everyone I’ve ever had popped with no problem. Spending money on seeds is a luxury.

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Hell yea. Im all indoors tho. Got around 200w of first gen Bridgelux strips. And it keeps me happy for now.

BR is the dreaded bud rot. Mold. Death to buds

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I really like sour d. Will have to get the chem a try I’ve heard lots of good stuff about it. I was getting this sour d 2 summers ago that was like smoking gasoline. You smoke so much cause of the taste.