Ganja J's first effort

I grew a few plants decades ago without much luck, so after finding a Purple Trainwreck seed in my medical bud, I figured it was time to try again. Then the pandemic hit before I could start planning the project. Grow stores in the metro area that are open are only offering curb-side service, no help, no advice, so I’m just going with the basics. I also found another seed in the shake & stems but have no clue which of the 5 possibilities it is.

Both seeds germinated after 2 days and 2 days later (May 18), they were put in containers with a mix of Miracle Grow potting soil and a little bit of compost from my garden. Both are now in 4-gallon containers that get moved outside during the day to catch the sun’s rays. Any advice beyond what’s in ILGM is welcomed!

When the Pix upload decides to work, I’ll add some.


Ditch the Miracle Grow as soon as possible. It has time released nutrients every time you water. This will cause a lot of problems later on.


Replace it with what? The grow stores aren’t opening yet due to the pandemic.

Yup. Its not the monster everyone makes it out to be, but for a new grower? Its a slow painful death. Everytime u water, it will release N. And at a point in the grow, the N release will be too much as the plants require less N and more PK…

Got pics?

Got lighting plans?

Get a digital pH meter (dont cheap out but stay under $50) and tds meter (stay under $10 here)

Welcome to ILGM and best of luck this go around! We are here to help so any questions, fire away


Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Happy Frog are super popular here due to they are made for weed and dont require feeding through most of Veg.

Promix is another goodie but more for experienced growers as it is enert (empty of nutes) and needs monitoring.

Ive used many soils. Black Cow (avoid the red bag, time released nutes) Roots Organics also makes a nice soil.

Honestly tho? U can get some basic potting soil (NO TIME RELEASED FERTS!) and some perlite and mix up a bag that will work pretty simply. But they are also enert so u may wanna make sure u have a plan for nutrients


tds meter? I have a pH meter.

I’m using the sun for my lighting. Moving the 2 plants in at night

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Nothing can beat mother nature :+1:t5: Be cautious of bugs outside and moving them around can bring them in.

Tds is Total Dissolved Solids (also called EC on the other side). A good way to monitor the ppms (parts per million) in your solution and soil. Its basically a general count of ur nutes at any given moment.


One of the stores had the Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil so I bought a 1.5cf bag. The seedlings are growing well now in Miracle Grow, but when should I change to the Ocean Forest? Easier now than later?

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Definitely. They are in 4 gall pots? Gonna be hard to avoid root ripping but be super careful about it, then shake away as much of the MG as u can without disturbing too much. May get a bit of plant shock. But they should pull thru if youre gentle.

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O and a pic tip…

Watch the bar go to 100% before leaving the page, typing, or adding more pics. I prefer to add them one at a time, it helps as well

@PurpNGold74 makes a strong case against miracle grow for weed. One way to sorta combat this effect is to cut it with straight peat or promix hp. 50/50. It isnt a fix, more line a band-aid.


The bar wasn’t going…at all. Never budged off zero.

That sucks. I believe its having issues on pc but working better for phones.

Thanks @Cannabian. Just parroting smarter folks then me n tryna teach my my mistakes

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To be honest, Ive never used the stuff, but the evidence from others seems overwhelming to me ive seen this type of mix before… it sucks. The opposite can also be true, when folks buy nursery stock they soon find out the plants are suffering because they were fed hydro food. The plants are not in true soil. If not transplanted fairly quickly most nursery will die! Though in the proper hands with a consistent feed schedule the nursery plants can thrive

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34 days into the life of my 2 free seeds, I have a question: Can the strain of the plant be known by the fan leaves? Both appear to be Indicas based on the length and width of those fan leaves. The Unknown plant is a bit taller at 15" and the other plant I thought was Purple Trainwreck is catching up after a week of no growth. Both look to be Indica plants. I can’t complain since I didn’t pay for the seeds (found them in my medical bud), but if they’re both Indicas, then the Trainwreck bud was mislabeled.

The purple trainwreck (Humboldt Seeds) i grew stretched pretty hard. Very floral lavender smelling. May need to wait til flower.

Nice lookin plant! Hope mine turns out that good! It’s nearing the end of week 8 and just starting to flower after getting topped 2 weeks ago. The formerly unknown plant started flowering late in week 4, so I figured the seed came from the OG Kush autoflower bud I bought about 2 years ago. I kept the stems in a container and found one seed, so I started germinating that and the Purple Trainwreck seed on May 12. The OG plant’s flowers are gorgeous! I’m a photographer and am working on my macro photography with help from “my girls.” They are still in Miracle Grow potting soil and doing fine. I have them out on my deck on the hot weather and water them 5 times per day to keep 'em cool, then started small doses of FoxFarm’s Cultivation Nation about 2 weeks ago. The plants love it, lots of trichomes on the OG plant’s buds. Will try to upload a pic…

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