Fuzzy White Roots Exposed? Mold or healthy roots?

I’m a new grower and started having issues with some fungus gnats, hence the white diatomaceous earth sprinkled in the soil. I also have another plant that had some very light powdery mildew, so I haven’t been using a fan for air circulation.

My question is what I should do about these white fuzzy roots showing on this other plant and whether it could be mold of some kind. From checking out the forums, it seems fuzzy roots aren’t necessarily bad, but I’d like to double check before putting more soil on top or something.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Typically a symptom of overwatering. Water thoroughly and then let the soil dry out before watering again.


Thanks so much for the super fast reply! Should I worry about covering the exposed roots with soil or just let it be?

Doesn’t really matter. They will air prune themselves. I would simply ignore them.

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You’re the best, thank you!!

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Once the root air prunes many tiny roots will develop from that. I use fabric pots and can’t till I see those protruding through the bag :love_you_gesture:


The others have you in good shape on the roots. Once you have fungus gnats will probably require some BT and sticky traps to get rid of them. If you got them early the DE may work.

Is BT Bacillus thuringiensis? Is there a certain one I should use? I also read something about hydrogen peroxide—do you still rec the BT first?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Yes, if soil drenching I would try the BT as the peroxide would probably sterilize your soil.