Fungus gnat damage? Heat?

Hello I had a fungus gnat problem in super soil. Temps went up to 31 Celsius with lights on but that was highest it got. Almost 3rd week of flower. Leaves seem to get worse. I also dumped peroxide 1 part to 4 parts water to kill the larvae as suggested. Thannjks for any info in advance. I also applied diatromous earth. Spelled wrong I know.

I am no expert by any means but theres a few things here I will give my 2 cents on. I wouldnt recommend using H202 in supersoil because it likely will kill beneficial microbes. Plants look hot to me (leaves taco shaped in the back) yet are drooping so I’m curious as to if you’ve under or over watered. Fungus gnats shouldn’t be too big of an issue if you have good airflow. In fact they will die off if you do. In the event you may be overwatering, cut back yes but also getting a nice breeze on the top of the soil should help. Soil requires less watering than other amendments.

If it were me, get heat between 65-77 air on soil if watering and because you have gnats…water if soil is dry.

So had to Google that ish since idk Celsius. Way too hot so yeah as stated above.

You can see the gnats flying around @Shawncan75 thats where the yellow sticky pads come in, they just help to show you that they are around and helps control them as they stick to the yellow cards.
Dont use H202 to much as it damages root structures and microbes
If you want to get rid of them before they alter your yield or kill your plant you use Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, combined with yellow sticky boards. I have used every other method!!! this is the only one that totally gets rid of them and breaks the cycle. And is totally safe.

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Thanks Hungrybud I really thought I had em licked with the peroxide due to the major foaming. Also the fact that the D earth seemed to wipeout the adults but I can see them flying around after a very light watering. Like 1 litre for all 3 plants. I understand it can hurt my microbes & such but it wasn’t getting any better.

Was wondering if this is from gnats? Have they got too far? I hope to Hell not.

The above product is what you need, you can get it off ebay, yes Fungus gnats can cause that appearance.
You can also topdress with this productimage

Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

you need to get the above product, you can get it on ebay mix a strong solution then PH the water to your requirements it will kill the larvae worms which eat the roots of your plants, you need to do it every watering until your ontop of them, i dont have any probs now but still use it at least once a month just in case.

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sorry not allowed to put the ebay link on but the sellers details are above and they are in the USA
also if you have any other indoor plants treat them also, also compliment with yellow sticky cards and top dress your growing container with Gnatnix.
Below photo with Fungus gnat damage

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With the D-Earth use the domestic one NOT the industrial one, but always use a dust mask when using it,
Silica is not good for the lungs eg. Cancer, Silicosis.
Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica, a mineral that is part of sand, rock, and mineral ores such as quartz. It mostly affects workers exposed to silica dust in occupations such mining, glass manufacturing, foundry work, and cutting manufactured stone bench tops like in kitchens etc.
But like @TheAlchemist stated make sure a good breeze from a fan or three is blowing over the lower areas of your plants, keeps the flys from landing and doing there thing, plus plenty of yellow sticky cards and you will beat them.

Yes this week I have been wrestling with those little @&^#% Buggers . I use DE stopped some, But this time and always YES I vac’ed up all runoff ASAP. But today After last night I put down sticky traps Those traps looks like a pepper shaker gone wild. Now more traps and anyone heard about clove oil on the soil? I also did a spray of H2HO on bags and the tent and floor.I also had them lay eggs on part of a plant ,that got cut off and trashed NO Bubble bug Hash
We don’t have money to buy anything more. All excess water is gone.
ANy ideas Fungus Fighters.

Well another great product is Mosquito bits…you can top dress them or soak em in water, then water your plants with it for faster acting. Sticky traps also. I know you said you have no more money but you can buy them for like 10 bucks. Its a must have in my opinion. Good luck