Fungus gnats or Thrips

Can you tell me what these are?
I used bug blaster a couple days ago, which has helped but not gone.
Organic grow.
2 weeks old
Small water today with FF- Big bloom 1 TBSP/ gallon.
Leaves were starting to droop.

Thank you.

Pictures help

I uploaded the pic but it doesn’t appear to be here. Did it 2x…grr

When you take the pic it will say uploading at bottom.
When it gets to 100% make sure that turns into a check mark before posting.

There are several items called bug blaster.
Does it contain this? * Active ingredient: bifenthrin
If so I would stop using for anything…another toxic substance that harms all living things…like earthworms etc

Bug blaster from ILGM

Yes it said 100% and then a green checkmark then a black one.

Not thrips, probably fungus gnats, see this thread for fungus gnat treatment.

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I use this for fungus gnats

This is a pic of dead one I took awhile back

I’ve also used beneficial nematodes as well and they eradicated Most of them quickly but they can come back


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I think I’ve combated them for now, My girls were drooping still so I gave them another small drink. They all look different to me some leaves curling, some brown tips., some are boating, some of the centers are lime green
The small watering consisted of 6tsp of FF Big Bloom/gallon gave each one about a cup. They perked up some… One had a tiny caterpillar on it, grrr,

I don’t know if I need to flush or give them nutrients, can you please advise?

What kind of soil are you growing in? Do you ph adjust your water? Unless you are using a soil with a lot of nutes in it like ocean forest, you need to feed more than big bloom which has no nitrogen in it. Looking at your plants I see nitrogen deficiency and/or ph issues.

I’m growing in top soil from the woods. I have a ph meter at about6.5- 7 so I’ll water them with FF Grow Big. These are 1 gal pot should I give them a gallon of water?

A gallon of water would be very excessive for a 1 gal pot, that’s how much I give my large girls in 7 gal pots. Something more along the lines of half a quart would be more like it, ph adjusted to 6.5.

I hope the ph meter you have is one of these type

and not one of these

Yes mine is like the first one. Thank you for the info on watering. I’ve already lost my first batch, now I need to do better with this batch.

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Have you grown other things using this soil from the woods?
That may be a great soil or a challenging soil tough to know.
Looks like you added perlite to the soil. Hopefully at least 25% perlite as ground soil is usually pretty heavy…mine anyway but have a lot of clay here.
Am I seeing 12 1 gallon pots? There are holes at bottoms and maybe on lower sides I would guess… for drainage.
Was that 1 gallon of water per 1 gallon pot or you used about a gallon of water for all of them…wetting their whistle?
I usually will saucer water wick water them when they’re in 1 gallon pots (bigger ones too) by adding water to the saucers they are in and let the soil soak it up I also after filling saucer 1/4 x 1/2 full add some to the top…not much just to get the top moist and that will help draw up the water from the bottom and the critters need moisture to thrive. When bigger and drinking more I’ll add more in saucer until they stop drinking and dump any left over after awhile in the saucer. 30 min max for me then dump. I water in steps sucks first fill quickest and second one slower etc. after doing it either way all from top or wicking too you’ll know how much they’ll need. Bigger more water
Was there a lot of leaves where you got the soil? Hope so as if trees been there a long time dumping leaves and leaves have been decaying over the years it should have some good compost and critters and will have some food for them for a time…just don’t know how long. Did you add anything else to that soil besides perlite?
The lime green at the tops (newest growth) is normally that color and if there is enough nitrogen (N) they will darken up. Leaves lower down should be “that” green color.
They will use a lot of N during this vegetative stage.
Do you have any other nutrients besides Big Bloom?
Simple and free if your healthy is piss in a container and dilute that 10:1 and it will proved decent amount of N and PK etc just depends on what you eat and what’s left over. There are chemical nutrients or organic nutrients you can get to make your grow a success just wanna choose which way and give it a go. Chemical nutrients usually are added to your water where natural nutrients are usually top dresses and scratched into the soil and when you water you send some down and the critters will munch on it digest and poop it out and it becomes bioavailable to the plants roots. Chems just are ready now to plants roots…mainline…and aren’t critter friendly (bacteria, fungi Protozoa etc etc etc) and those are the engine that drives the success or failure for the bigger guys/gals that get eaten by the bigger ones and so on…soil food web…Avatar…it’s here we just can’t see it…ok I’m medicated

Anyway not sure how far Big bloom will get you…I have some and use it now and then but have other nutrients added to the base soil and planted in as well as adding nutrients during the grow.

Tough call not knowing what’s in the soil
Sounds like they were thirsty perking up after drooping.
Drooping can also be caused by overwatering but since they perked up that wasn’t it I wouldn’t think.

Hope this helps

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No, but initially I tested the soil with a product called Rapid Test for Ph, NPK
PH - neutral, NPK didnt register but seemed wrong cause as you said it had layers of dead leaves and was very black/rich looking, I did add Miracle Gro Perlite probably 60% soil and 40% Perlite.

Yes they are 1 gal. I gave them about 1pt of water each, mixed with FF batguano worm castingsl plant food and the Big Bloom (front of bottle said 6-4-4. My PH was right on at 6.4. . I have the FF Tigerblood, but the schedule doest say to give it till next week on 2 of my girls.(they are in week 5) They were stunted due to what every one keeps telling me I loved them to much lol overwatering underwatering, taking them inside and outside, Temps, RH…light…you know newbie stuff…lol But I managed to save two. The rest are in week 3.sssssssssssssss

I have some Chicken Soup for the Soil, and Boom KaBoom by Dr. JimZ and bought sonme Miracle Gro Bloom Booster… Trying to stick with the FF but may take a couple of them and try these other products on just one to see how that works for me. I have some cow manure I plan to apply to the soil too.

Another question comes to mind is my well water has Gypsum in it. But I read that should be good for it.
Your thoughts?

Thanks again for the input!!

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Gypsum in the right amount brings good stuff to the soil.
So many options to feed them.
You might want to go get some soil with the leaves etc and compost them in a container and add some nutrients to that and cook it for 30 days and you’ll have a ready made soil to grow without having to do much other than watering and some teas. If your interested there are recipes out there and many nutrients can be sourced locally…like your scraps egg shells, ashes from fire, Epsom salts, gympsum, etc
What you have now may also work just don’t know…only use big bloom worm poo and bat poo. Just FYI tiger bloom and miracle grow aren’t very soil critter friendly.
Oh yea toss some cow manure 10% or so into your soil mix if that’s what ya try.

Overwatering and under watering are most common and just dial that in with the weight of the pots…wait for one of them to look sad and droopy a little and lift the pot and you’ll know that weight. Some will use water quicker than others so lift them all and you’ll get the feel. Sometimes they just all aren’t thirsty at the same time
The darker green ones look happy the ones with lighter green lower leaves look N hungry


Hi…so my were doing ok…I felt they were a little dry so i gave them a small drink like 3-4 oz of plain water. PH was 7.7 so i added a little distilled vinegar to the water and brought PH down to 6.6, when I woke to this…

This is what they were looking like.