Fungus gnat/ water retention problems

ILGM WW auto seeds
Roots 707 soil with a plant/animal vermiculite mix
5 gal pot
Roleandro 1000w led
Temps 80f daytime 70f nighttime
rH 30%-40%

Can i add clay pellets to my potted soil mix?
I’m currently using A food waste dehydration compost that is in turn used to breed black soldier fly larve creating a plant and animal compost w/ my potting soil. This mix retains moisture for a Ridiculous amount of time upwards of 2 weeks. This makes it hard to establish any sort of routine or nute regiment. This has also created a fungus nat problem that refuses to die the only thing i haven’t tried is a venus fly trap. I feel bad cause I already have to treat them like red-headed step children, something I’ve almost never done before. What I mean is I’m giving my plants 4oz-8oz of water usually once a week or every other week to try and keep it dryish. My soil mix came came with a fair amount of perlite already in it. I also have laid out my potting mix in trays to dry it out as much as possible before use. But as soon as I plant a seed with a little water usually around 150ml and those little buggers return trying to kill my seedlings. Also I have tried sanitizing my grow tent. Any advice is appreciated.

Yes, you can also add regular lava rock from home depot, etc.

Get a stick and start poking down into the soil to add air pockets. Also you might want to drill some extra holes in the bottom 2-3" of the pot on the sides.

Good luck!