Problems with Pro Mix General Use soil not draining

I’m using 5 gallon air pots and I water with about a gallon or so to get a little run off about every 5 days. It takes forever for the surface to dry out and I’m having problems with Fungus Gants. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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As far as the fungus gnats are concerned, put 1-2” of rice hulls or perlite on top to the soilless mix and they’ll die off.


I like bti for fungus gnats. You can use something like mosquito bits or buy concentrate.


Thank you Sir…

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Thank you dbrn32…

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@Dino promix has a high water retention ratio to it as almost similar to Coco, and the gnats are in the mix , the larvea is the organic micro life in the soil . They only hatch if the pots are staying to wet to long , which I think is going on here with your watering strategy.
From seedling stage all the way up unto in flowering , after the 2 weeks from the light flip is about when your plants rootzones will consume a full gallon of water in the soil of a 3 gallon pot. Now if you been using a full gallon the whole time and you ate not in week 3 of flower , I believe you been over saturating your soil and if you don’t have high Temps in the high 80’s at least , the water retention ability in promix will stay to wet to long and allow the latvea to harch and than you’ll have the gnats infestation started , but gnats are really a good sign your micro life is still alive , but to control that is less watering more often and 1/4 of cup of milk to a gallon but you only used a one liter bottle to feed per plant in 3 gallon to 10 gallon up to flowering .
I hope this makes sense .
I’ll show you kind of what I got going on with promix Sunshine #4 with 5-4-2 Bio-Live dry fertilizers added with it also to make a super soil mix.
Knowing the larvea is in the soil organic life , you just have to control the watering and they won’t be such a bother.
You can always order a 1000 lady bugs from your local home depot and turn them loose in the grow tent :tent: and bye gnats hello fat lady bugs get so fat they can’t fly they be so full are the praying Mathis If you can catch one of those fellas too. Milk are a like mix of damn soap I used and it works , but I’ve been at this for a few months now so I’m no expert but I know what I know lol !

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Thanks for taking the time to explain this yoshi. What does the milk do?

Milk make gnats larvea explode before they can hatch in the organic soil , gnats has no lungs and they are hatch in moist wet damp soil that’s overly saturated for 72 hours are longer . Water management is the most common issues that cause most growers the issues they face growing in organic soil .

Can I see a photo of the plant and planter in question?

Have you applied milk to your own plants indoors?

Just took these pictures today 6-28-21, it’s been 6 days since I watered them. I think I finally have the Fungus Gants under control. Thank you KC for your time and knowledge.

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One liter per pot from the drain pan will tell you how much water to pour in from this point, but they are hungry and ready for a good drink. Make sure you put a tablespoon of epaom salt in the mix so they can buff up nice !

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