Found aphids after I cut plant

Hi I’m new here. Not good on phone any better than I am at growing weed so hope im doing this right. 2nd year outdoor grower. I have a question about aphids. I cut plant down tonight THEN I discovered them…I assume this is not good. Seen someone else’s post on here about them but they hadn’t cut their plant yet. Can I do anything for it or just try again next year.

Wash them off. Look up bud washing on YouTube. It tells how to do it.

Thank you, I watched a couple videos just now. Looks promising. I will definitely try it tomorrow. I hate to loose my only plant.

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Aphids is why I switched to coco

Let us know how it goes!

Look up the Jorge Cervantes video. IMO it’s probably the best video on bud washing.

I washed them. Peroxide, then lemon and baking soda,then rinsed. I will watch that video though. I seen a few variations on it. I’m going with they’ll be fine. I really appreciate the quick replies and advice. Thank you. I’ll continue trying to learn here.

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