For guys looking to keep smell down.. Carbon filter info

Let me start by saying I have no affiliation with this product or website it is on, I am only posting this as an informational thing as it’s something I ran across.

In my line of work I look at lots of different types of projects. A dispensary just came across my desk and an “Air box - 3 Stealth Edition” is spec’d out.

Pretty nice looking set up for guys who don’t mind spending alittle more coin for keeping the smell down. This is spec’d for a commercial dispensary so they must work well, if we do the job I’ll report back with info.

They aren’t cheap but the nice thing is it can be mounted outside of a tent (or in a room) with easy change filters and you can use up to 3 charcoal filters depending on the amount of stank coming from your tent. I have a feeling by the time the air gets out the other side there is zero smell and comparing to the smaller round filters this thing would likely pay for itself in a few years. I’d be curious to see how long the filters last in a smaller operation.

Like I said, probably not best for the guy growing 1 or 2 plants in a 2x2 or 4x4 but some of you guys have some serious set ups so it may be beneficial. They have all different models at different price points.

They have all different models for different CFM values, some models go above 3500CFM.

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Interesting. I just looked them up. No reviews. They better do a hell of a job for the price. That said, if they actually do work well and get good reviews I’ll consider getting one. Here in the phohibtion zone smell is a big issue. With my current vivosun 4" fan and filter you can smell my garden about 20’ from my front door. Makes me nervous every time I flower plants. Glad my neighbors are cool.


The thing I like about these is you can install up to 3 filters and that the filter box itself is air tight. The filters are $64 each but like I said, it would make sense for the larger growers and not so much the 1-2 plants a year person.

The filter box itself is a lifetime item, the filters are what is disposable, I would be curious to see how long those last. Opening an access panel and swapping filters is alot nicer than messing with band clamps, hangers and zip ties.

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The link was removed… Could you just state what the item was please? Thanks.

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Air box 3 Stealth edition - model# DL-HT4753
Filters - model# HT4502

Ahh, ok… I looked at the stubby model as an option to vent my lung room… Yes, they are pricey… I went a different route.
Thanks for posting!

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Yeah, definitely on the higher end but it’s cheaper than court fees depending on your states laws. :rofl:

Im glad it’s legal here now.

Hydrotek Air Box 3 Stealth Edition 1200 CFM 8 in

Is this the one?

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Yes, other sites have them in stock and show price. I guess they didnt like the site I linked here.

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Yep, they allow Amazon links here. Looks like Amazon is out but Al least we can view product and specs.

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