Foop Amount Ridiculousness

Good evening everyone.
I recently bought a bottle of Foop Sweetener because I had heard good things and was out of my Bud Candy.
I like what it says is inside it and all that jazz.
My question / issue is how does anyone afford to use that throughout an entire grow?
For the Sweetener for instance you have to use 60ML per gallon. Which is insane, just my 4 plants used half of my $30 jug for one watering.
I looked into the nutrients and they are pretty similar as far as the amounts used. I was doing some math in my head and I would need like 10 bottles of the nutrients at least ( like $1000+) to sustain through a grow for 4 plants.

Has anyone used it and how did you avoid burning through it?
Just something I noticed I figured I would share and strike up a conversation.


I called them up and mentioned I was interested in running there line of nutrients in the future. That ended up sending me a hug sample pack. Enough for a small indoor grow maybe.
Give it a try!

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Good morning, how was it enough? They recommend using every feeding and doing simple math based off the feeding requirements I would burn through half a liter of nutrients per feeding. That’s insane and seems to be a common complaint online and their page.


I would never think of using full strength nutrients. With true organics do you even need additional nutrients? To each there own my friend.
Happy farming…


Nice looking trees


I guess you need to order some Organic Bud Candy. Bud Candy isn’t cheap either but 2ml/liter, about 7.5ml/gallon is a lot less than 60. I usually order AN from HTG supply. A liter is about $25 / $80 for 4 liters.
I grow in coco so back off to 1ml every other day.

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Thank you very much.

I agree lol I usually find it one sale and a 500ml jug lasted me a long time but my 1L jug of Foop Sweetener lasted all of 2 waterings :person_facepalming:

Do some internet based research and look for terpinator recipe. Depending on your base nutrients this may be only other product you need.

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Thank you, I will definitely check it out. I have been using Lotus Nutrients ( grow, bloom and boost) and absolutely LOVE it and will continue to use. I just liked having a sweetener for my microbes etc.

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There are a lot of simple diy carb loads for plants. I would snoop around on web some and see if you feel something particular appeals to you. I have seen copycat recipes for bud candy etc.