Foliar Silica Spray

Has anyone used a silica foliar spray? The person at the grow shop said to put a few drops in a spray bottle and then just plain water and use it to spray on the young seedlings to help get it stronger for the growth period.

If in soil it’s not needed and generally a bad idea to spray plants with anything.


I do mist my plants with water. I don’t add anything to the water.

I am using silica this year, but I only add it during watering.

How much silica do you add to the water? How much water per silica portion?

I would recommend following the instructions on the product you purchase.

I am using Silica Blast @ half strength. I do everything by half…

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I don’t start adding silica until late veg or when I flip. I don’t want the stems getting too stiff so I can LST / bend them. I ran out of silica boost so I will finish using an open bottle of advanced nutrients Rhino Skin.


It’s something I’m going to try both above and below ground on outdoor plants.