Flushing my ladies

Question, I did a tester on both of my ladies and baked them both @ 200 degree for one hr. Both were smoked @ different times. Dam…My two roommates an d got wasted on both. I took this sa a sign to pull them when I remembered to flush.
My question is, Would one week of flushing be ok in stead of two weeks. All 3 of us really like the high we got and it smoked real smooth not harsh at all and I don’t want to loose that.
Thank you for any thoughs you mite have. Here is a pic of the two ladies I tested.


Depending on how it is grown, lower steady levels of nutrients instead of trying to push the plant to the max with really high concentration of nutrients, some say a flush is not needed. If you really think it is ready, a week or less flush might be just fine.

Thank u for your reply Stoner…they were given Bone Meal and Blood Meal though there grow. The last 2 1/2 weeks I have gave them the Flower Booster and THC Booster so no they have been fed lightly though there grow. So I should be ok to pull them after Thanksgiving and i’ll flush them until then also. Can’t wait till the curring is complete.
Also…how do they come up with the THC content? I would like to find out so I could figure out what my ladies are in THC content and what my White Widow final out come will be as to THC content will be. Thanks for any help.


1 week of flushing for a soil plant is fine. I also agree with MacG; If you hot them hard with nutrients right up to flush period; You need to be patient in order to have a good tasting yield.

Sounds like you can go either way. As a closing point. I recommend; Have patience! :slight_smile: If you like it now;
Think of how great it will be if you finish it slowly…hmmm :mrgreen:

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I’ve been growing for about 5 years and nobody has ever mentioned to me about flushing so my question is, is it necessary to flush and if it is how to flush and with what ingredients and how long to flush and how much to use, in the past all my buddies love my smoke they tell me it gets them pretty ripped and that is with out flushing so am I ruining my smoke by not flushing.

The last week should be fine. Just like they told me above your Post.
Lakewood stated…If they liked then…they will like it even more.

Ph water 6.5 -5.5


Flushing is mostly needed for those that have been pushing their plant to its max with nutrients. Some methods do not necessarily require nor recommend a flush, Lucas of the “Lucas Formula” does not necessarily believe in flushing or has said something similar to that effect. However, the Lucas Formula is a very low dose nutrient formula and the idea behind flushing is not about flushing nutrients out of the plant and it is kind of deceptive or confusing to some. You can only flush nutrients out of the soil or the ‘growing medium’, once in the plant it can’t come backwards out of the plant out of the roots. Plain water can be used for soil flushing in most instances, however they do make additives that can supposedly help dissolve built up nutrient salts, some people swear by these and some say they do absolutely nothing for them.

The real idea behind flushing is kind of starving the plant the last couple of weeks or few days it has during the flowering period by only giving it nutrient free pH balanced water. This is what causes the large fan leaves to yellow as the plant then starts using nutrients stored in these leaves as there is nothing new coming up from the root system. This process potentially can make the end product more refined, maybe better flavor and smoother to smoke and it might make the curing period shorter or easier with a overall better result, by having the plant use up other stores of sugars and nutrients stored in the rest of the plant’s tissues. So the length might need to be longer with bigger plants as they will have more and larger leaves and much more tissues that may be storing these nutrients and sugars.


Ok thanks for the info

I ordered my seeds from Robert.They are at the end of there second week from sprouting up.They are now on a 250mwatt hps about 16 inches off the top.A 4 ft 52 watt t5 flouresent and just yesterday added a 32 watt agrosun cfl.The grow has been going good.Cotyldons started turning yellow but I heard thats just part of the process.My problem is that overnight a couple of my plants have kittle yellow spots on the first set of true leaves and a couple tips are yellowing a little.Not dry or crispy.I have them in ff of and will be using the moonshine mix next week when I put them under my 600 w mh.Please help.Im a new grower.

What did you take off the plant to do your tester in the oven? My trichs are starting to turn amber. I’m trying to decide whether to start flushing. Thanks.