Flushing before harvest

Can anyone tell me if it’s necessary to flush before harvest if I’m growing in just peat moss and perlite mixed with dolomite lime

the herb is kinda harsh if u dont flush it those nutes taste nasty

Do a search on a subject I think it is - to flush or not to flush and many people have stopped after doing there own comparison more than one of the mentors stopped using a final flush .

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Thanks guys


I have found it makes a difference in the end product if you cure it to perfection
If it gets to that point of cure but I have noticed most ppl use it with in weeks of harvest and the difference would not be as noticeable.
In the 80s-90s I never flushed at the end at all and didn’t think it was harsh at the time.
Saying that I do flush now but only for a few days after flushing out the medium getting the ppm down below 100 or so.
Best time to flush is just as the lights come on plants expel their waste at night when the pressure drops in the plant and removing said waste before the plant starts up again under the lights sound like a good idea to me.

OK and like when the trichomes just begin turning cloudy how long do you usually have before u should pull the plant I mean I know you could pull it then but wanting 40% amber let’s say do you have a week few days

it can be personal choice more clowdy and amber colored the more the head stone and less amber is a more active kinda effect.
I find when most are cloudy and one here and there are brownish stained look I start to flush with at least 3 times the pot in clean water with a mid ph and don’t water again a few days to a week later I harvest.

Follow @Aquaponic_Dumme’s post he’s right and we’ve argued about this personally lol, I put it to the test and yes it’s only to harsh if you use to much otherwise if you use what the plant needs it’s fine, it’s more of a personal choice like @Iva mentioned.

Ps…it doesn’t make a difference though

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I appreciate the info

Not a problem my pleasure

If you want to know how to flush a plant. 2 weeks to 3 weeks before harvest stop feeding plant and let it eat its sun leaves. No need to run gallons of water through soil that doesn’t do anything but clean the pot that one time. So no nutes just ph balanced distilled water. Balance of 6.2 to 6.8

I pulled one of 4 plants (all clones of the run away scrog mother) and have three flushing now.
I will see if I can tell in a few weeks then a few months.
I just finished just over a week of Kool Bloom dry too :slight_smile: so I should notice the difference if flushing counts to quality :thumbsup:

If u r almost close to harvesting ur plants done had enough fert just water ,pH like normal 2-3 weeks b4


I can’t tell if you’re asking a question or not. I personally don’t believe starving or fading nutrients helps, if you’ve feed properly throughout.

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That’s what I was thinking thank for your advice

Some of us have done side-by-side comparisons and we see no difference

…that said not everybody uses, or understands a taper so maybe flushing is good for some growera, but personally I see no sense in taking away nutrients during the most critical time in a plant’s life when it needs nutrients the most

@Aquaponic_Dumme …sorry I linked to you accidentally

Edit: this is one of those topics like 18 hours vs. 24 hours of light or what have you so that’s my opinion, I’m out :v:


Your cool I appreciate all the wisdom these are pics of my 2 time trying to
work the magic so I’m always wanting g more knowledge tho thanx


Nice looking nugs and they look easy to trim up latter too

Thank u hey iva quick question when your trichomes get that milky look how
long would u still go before u pull em