Flowering question

A question from a fellow grower:

My plants have start flowering.Have start preflowering
by cover them with black plastic and now can see that they have started
flowering. Can I stop cover them with plastic cover now or should I
cover them more time?
How long time do you think the flowers need to be ready for harvest?They got about 12 hours of mediterrian sun if not cover them

No idea. I do not understand why you covered them in black plastic, if you had 12 hours of Med. Sun. Let them flower and bud. Sounds like perfect conditions

Blocking more light with the plastic? That will not help prevent them from flowering, they need a lot more intense light to stop from flowering.

Flowering finishing time will take a couple of months, about 7-9 weeks for most strains, in most instances, it is heavily dependent on the strain and somewhat by various conditions in the plant’s environment.

If I understand your question correctly, it is that you are outdoors, and wish to ‘force’ flowering when there is more than 12 hours of natural light. If so, I would think you could regulate your light by covering. My worry is that you might ‘cook’ your girls under black plastic at the end of the day. I would, given my assumptions, cover them at night, and leave them covered int he morning, until you reckon there is 12 hours of light left in a day. Ordinarily, outdoor growers are satisfied with letting the plants flower naturally in the fall. Another option, should they be in moveable pots, is to move them inside for the dark period, thereby elinating the chance of over heating. Most all strains finish flowering in approximately 2 months. There is massive info here and elsewherer to help you determine the correct time to harvest. Hope this helps!


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For some reason, I re-read that and it keeps making more and more sense to me, lol.

If you are only getting 12 hours of light, you should be getting the 12 hours of darkness, and most strains will start flowering with a little more than 10 hours of darkness, so, yes, you can stop using the covers now, it should continue to flower on its own just fine.

I’ve actually gone to 11 hours for flowering. Tip from (damed aphasia!) the guy who originally bred Blueberry. Guy from Oregon. Saves a little juice, and he suggests produces better bud.


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Clarification please, lol.

I assume you mean 11 hours of light? As you said you are saving juice(electricity).

Latewood also promotes giving sativas longer dark periods to help them finish completely or maybe a bit shorter time frame, especially as some sativas seem to never want to finish.

? Plants have gotten bout 2ft tall now ordered technaflora recipe for success. Now I understand I can keep in veg as long as I want bout 4,5ft so when change light cycle to 12/12 how many weeks for flowering and harvest

Recipe of success is a really good line for starters , but yet also it won’t swell them like advance nutrients hobbist line , Sensi grow A&B & Sensi Bloom A&B , but you can use the grand daddy package or connisuer A&B and it great for grow and bloom and its ph perfect . I used the recipe of success to help fix stress plants because they stuff really works miracles in a weeks time .

good choice of nutrients , very densed , but not swoll , and very lip smacking good , but not real heavy , great quality , but lack quantity . So if you growing for you , awesome …but for you and others , not much to share .

Thks Yoshi will read up on usage and price is it as simple to use as technaflora like the fact that it corrects the ph

Yes , it’s my safe mode solution when I screw up .

what I learned is you can used the chart for any nutrient system of how to measure it by the recipe chart and you won’t have major issues . If you go to my thread " having issues like most beginners" you will see how badly I stressed my plants starting out and what it looks like now in flower after reviving it back to life using this stuff with ILGM nutrients and a few other soil and liquid additives to create vigorous growth . But I keeps a what I call a canabbis first aid kit , the recipe of success box . It has everything needed and the chart works great for fox farm nutrients as well . Will be ordering Dutch master nutrients gold , and Advance nutrients Grand master line and the connisuer A&B line to try here soon once I harvest and get some dividends back in the savings .

I have a plant that is 6weeks old and the top set of leaves have curled and bunched up with new stems growing up, everything is still green but have never seen a plant do that is it normal? Also like I said they are 6weeks old when should I send them to start the flowering stage?

I used a nylon stocking over the male flowers I created on one limb only. I don’t know the life span of the male pollen trapped in the sock but need to cut the limb off and try not to stress the plant too much. in the 5th week of flower!