How big before changing light schedule

I have only grown autoflowers, so this is new to me. In my last order of blueberry autoflowers, I got some regular seeds mixed in(female). My question is how big do I let it get before switching to flower light schedule. It is growing in a 5 gallon fabric pot with organic potting soil(not miracle grow). Using half strength liquid fertilizer. It is outside during the day and under led grow lights at night for a total of 18 hours. It is about two feet tall now. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It’s completely up to you - just take into account the stretch to make sure you have room wherever your switching to 12/12 at. I like to wait til she atleast shows pistols/calyxes but at 2 foot I’m sure you’re already seeing signs of sex. If she’s happy and healthy you can go for it now, if seeing any deficiencies or excess of nutes I’d get that under control before switching. Also I go through the stretch on 18/6 so may wanna do that before turning her over to 12/12.

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Not sure what you mean when you say go through the stretch. What is the stretch?

Stretch is the period between veg and flower - most will grow 50-100% larger during this time. They will also start showing pre flower bud sites at this point. I run bottled nutes and try to feed even amounts of NPK during this.

Oh and clarification on earlier post - I just mean I start her stretch period by feeding equal amounts of NPK in 18/6 - it has to be switched over to finish. Some don’t change nutes until already in 12/12 so up to you there

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@JCap the stretch occurs after you turn your lights to 12 12, most strains grow 50% bigger in first 3to5 weeks after light flip some will double in size. This needs to be accounted for in making decision on when to flip. You must have available overhead to raise lights. you kind of need to raise a particular strain a few times to get a feel for it.

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Do you plan on flowering the plant inside or outside?

Plan on growing both inside and outside. Keeping plant outside for most of the day, then inside under led grow lights. Rainy season starts here soon, so outside from 8 am till about 3, then in the barn for the night.