Flowering marijuana faster?

A question from a fellow grower:

My question is, after I have changed the lighting regimen to 12/12 and the plant has started flowering, do I need to keep the lighting at 12/12, or can I give them more hours of light to make them flowering faster?

No! You need to keep them in the 12/12 or they could stop flowering and start vegetative growth again, as well as increasing your chance for hermaphrodites. Increasing the length of the dark period to more than 12 hours may help the flowers “finish” or “ripen” sooner but possibly at the cost of reduction of flower growth/swell and overall yield.

Exactly; A lot of times Growers of “sativa”; Shorten there hours to 11/13, 10/14 in order to help force the plant to finish. I do this myself. Sometimes; You get a Sariva that just wants to keep on producing newer flowers, and you are running out of space or time. I need the room. For instance.

Hope this helps.

Thank you both for the information. Definitely helps a lot. Will keep the 12/12 going.