Flowering Light Cyle For Marijuana Plants

Cannabis light cycleOnce the marijuana plants start flowering, should I keep them on the 12/12 light schedule until I harvest? I’ve heard that the length of the light period isn’t quite as important once the flowers begin forming. I feel like any amount of light over 12 hours would make the marijuana plants revert to vegetative state.

Both of your assumptions are true. It’s possible for most varieties to revert to vegetative state with a short darkness regimen. A slight lapse in on/off times won’t negate flowering entirely, but it will have an effect on flower quality. They might end up being small, lanky, or loose depending on how bad the regimen was messed up.


Hey Robert… You are 100% right. I agree that once you flip your girls to 12/12, you should keep them at 12/12 until just before harvest, and thanks for all of your help. :slight_smile:

I find that one of the most important traits of a good grower is to learn to be patient and consistent. Changing photo periods for any other reason than to hasten the finish of the plant; Is not advisable.