Interrupting Flowering Marijuana With Vegetative

Is there anything to be gained from putting the marijuana plants into a 3-day vegetative state in the middle of flowering? Some have told me that it increases both yield and potency.

If you interrupt the flowering cycle by giving the marijauna plants at least 18 hours of light for a few days, the plants will revert back to vegetative state.

The idea behind doing this is that the plants should have an increase in new flower growth once they return to flowering. The drawback, however, is that you’re essentially delaying ripening and harvesting because of all the additional days you have to work to get the marijuana plants out of and then back in flowering stage. On average, you’ll be looking at a ripening time that’s about 12% more than usual. For this to be a success, you would need a yield that is 12% more than usual, and I don’t think that will occur. You also might end up with deformed or lanky buds in the process.