Flowering light schedule mistake

Hello family, im not sure if i made a huge mistake or not. If so let me know and how can i fix it. Girls are 4 days into flower. I turn the lights of at 2:20 pm every day after work. Today i came home fell asleep and cut the the lights of at 2:46 pm. Did i harm my girls.

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Short answer no you can get an 8 dollar timer at Wally mart and don’t have worry


I know dave im sometimes a cheap skate on stupid things. I was just exhausted today.

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Hey should i give them that 25 minutes back and hit the lights on at 2:46 am

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No. Just go back to 12 hours light, you should be fine. I agree though timer is cheap considering risk once they are into flower.


Ok thanks bro’s

No not at all! They’re tougher than you think! I don’t believe that little bit of time wld matter

Yeah a one time incident won’t be a problem, but get a timer, won’t be the last time you forget or get busy with something and inconsistent lights on/off times will not be good in flowering.

Get the power cord surge protector model that you can plug :electric_plug: 4 lights in to with the timer :timer_clock:built on it it’s an 8 plug outlet but 4 have a set timer :timer_clock: on it !

One of my best investments on the upgrades ! I can run all 6 panels if I need to are have the option!

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Thanks guys for the help will do.

I agree with this. I have the same exact one. Have to replace it every 2 or 3 years cuz the timer gets loud then it shits the bed.

@yoshi i have the very sane timer :timer_clock::smile: