Flowering cbd white widow auto

Day 21 of flower.
Does this look like nitrogen deficiency?

Fox farms ocean forest soil.
Yellowing is beginning at the tips as you can see.
These bottom leaves are also droopy.

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Just from the picture, it appears to be more like N toxicity.

Although, it could be more than just that. For a complete and more thorough diagnosis, if you can fill out a support ticket, it will help others with diagnosing your issue better.

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Also,it’s hard to tell but the pot looks really small

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Not sure if this gives you a better look.

From what I’ve read, nitrogen toxicity looks like dark green and the leaves die off.
Nitrogen deficiency, I read that it’ll start yellowing at the tips and make it’s way up the leaf, since it is taking the nitrogen from the leaf and using it. Starting from the bottom of the plant working it’s way up if not corrected.
This is what it seems to be doing. I already pruned 1 set of leaves off that were yellow.

I wish we could post videos in here, would be a way more effective way to show the plants

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Those beginner leaves will almost always die off. Nothing to be concerned about. She looks great! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: