Flowering Auto in Polytunnel curling leaves

Hello folks.

I checked on my plants today and noticed the leaves of my flowering Gorilla Skittlez Auto are curling up and inward like a fern and are quite dry at the tips.

It’s a particularly hot day but all the other plants are ok.

I did feed them all yesterday and I think I have over fed this one. It’s also hot day so not sure what’s caused this.

Can anyone tell me if they think is because it’s hot or over fed? I use Biobizz products so is not harsh chemicals bit I think I defo may have overfed. The other plants are fine. They are in veg mode and leaves look totally fine which may mean is over fed.

If is over fed what can I do ? Will the plant be ok in the end. It is quite far into flowering so hopefully it is ok.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I’m gonna go wish heart stress. Different pants can be more sensitive than others.


It is real hot today. Do u think when it cools down the leaves will go to normal. I hope it doesn’t screw with the flowering. It’s soo close this guy. Lovely nugs

Heat stress. Anyway to get any airflow?


Judging by the pistils of the last pic, you have some weeks to go before harvest. But the less effected leaves will probably go back to normal. The ones in the second pic will probably get a little crispy.


They already a little crispy.

I have the front door open and is a little breeze but the back doesn’t open annoyingly

I just put the plant on the porch in the shade with a nice breeze. Defitnely wasn’t managing the hot weather.