Flower Stretch - When should I flip

Was hoping to get some advice on when to flip to flower.

I have 56" from soil to bottom of light. Running 2 315watt CMH. So, if I want to keep them 16" below the lights it gives me 40". I’m growing Indica which I understand to stretch less in flower. Should I still figure double in size or not that much. I was going to flip when they hit about 24" inches but not sure if I should flip sooner.

They have been in veg for almost 9 weeks. With a little LST I have taller one at about 18" and the smaller one 15".

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Is it a pure indica or hybrid??? I’ve had plants from same purchase double in size and another barely stretch at all.

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One northern lights and one og kush.

@emgoldslo Definitely tagging this post! I have some stunted girls I am trying to get back to good health before flipping.

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Keep training (LST type) through the first couple of weeks after flipping and you should be fine.


Sativas can stretch 45%
Also remember you need a distance from your canopy to the light in order to ensure good coverage.

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Flip when ever you want. From as little as 2 wks veg to months. Make your plant what you want… A big bush? A small flowering clone. What ever you want it to be. Prune for the size that bests fits your environment. And just have a fucking blast doing it. If you clone, you will get to do it again and again. Its your garden. Do what you like.


Love it! Thanks for the reminder to have fun and enjoy


My indica doms get about a 12-16 inches or so of stretch, and I let them get about 3 feet tall before flowering. Topped plants won’t stretch as much as non-topped plants as well.


Flipped these on 12/5

Was away for 9 days and came home to a blown ballast on one of my CMH. Luckily I run 2. Think it must have blown recently as plants look pretty good. Think I really need to check my numbers on next watering. Soil on top seems really hard and crusty. Not sure why.

The 2 AH Autos are so different!



Purple Kush:

Northern Lights:

Flipped on 12/5



OG Kush: