Flower Pot Size for autoflower

I’m growing autoflower outdoors but I’d like to be able to move them when needed. What gallon flower pots should I use ?

3-5 gallons pots would be just fine for growing autos anything bigger i feel would just be a waste of soil and nutes happy growing

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Make sure to place the plant on a saucer or something to keep it from rooting into the dirt below. Nothing wrong with being right on the ground if you leave them in place or if you move them everyday. But if left for a long time the roots will grow into the ground underneath and then moving them will damage roots the plant has got used to relying on.


Amen, anything larger will be too heavy for some (me) to move.


They get pretty heavy after water or rain… I don’t grow outside yet, but I would haul them around in a wheelchair or wheelbarrow or a wheelie something :thinking:


It might be different outdoor I’m a inside guy, but haven’t seen much difference in yield between 3-5 gallon pots. Tried them both yield close to the same