Flower/lighting question?

Can i change lights mid flower? The 8 plants that i have under my hlg scorpions are half way through flower. I have 8 white widow that are bigger plants than the 8 ak47. The white widows are mainlined to 8 colas so ive figured out they are bushy enough it would be good to spread them out more than they are. However if i open them up a bit the nextlights wont cover all of them. So i am thinking of switching the plants around. Any thoughts?

Yes, you just need to make sure whatever lighting you use meets the plant’s DLI requirements.


What that dude said lol :arrow_up:

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The plants outside see a sunrise and a sunset. They see the sun shift in the sky over the course of the season changes. You can reorganize your plants to your heart’s desire, they will simply adapt.

I have a questuon on these plants guys. There are 3 sour diesel and 8 ak47. Shows the flowering time between 49 and 63 days. They are allready showing some scattered amber tricomes. I want to flush for 2 weeks. I should probably start my flush dont ya think

Pics help guesstimates