Fish pump for oxygen when soil is wet too long?

Update on my little girl.
Since I got her pH right I had to water again when plant hadn’t even dried out all the way.
I’m concerned because the soil’s been so wet and hasn’t dried out much.
I believe wet soil is blocking out much needed oxygen to the roots. It’s been raining for like three days. I’ve been bringing it in and sitting in my window. It’s outside now… Finally have gotten some sun.

That’s an interesting idea I wouldn’t see it totaly working as the air forced in would dry one area of the pot and displace moisture in the soil potentially killing any roots in that particular area. I will however give you koodo’s for thinking outside the box just keep her warm humidity low and air moving to pull away the humidity. if you think the soil is wet you could use a fine cloth and shop vac to try and pull some moisture out vac right at the drain holes it will draw any excess moisture out of soil while pulling air down through the soil you will have to be creative on how to get good suction on round object. Also you don’t want to suck up the soil so cloth or very fine screen is a must.

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Thank you that’s a great idea. I will definitely have to try that!

It’s 75° and sunny weather 73% humidity
The humidity is pretty high unlike the humidity in the house which is about 45%
I’ve been bringing her in at night and putting her in a closet with the fan running.
My question is at which temperature and humidity level inside or out would be better at this point… I would think that the sun and the wind would Dry the soil better. I don’t know what’s your opinion?

there are mixed opinions on humidity during flowering but as you only have 1 plant you are best going to guides and using recommendations not experimenting. K.I.S.S is the best rule to keep in mind when you are just starting (Keep It Simple Stupid)= KISS there is such a thing as too much information stick with what is tried and true what others are doing may not be right for you.
Use guides and grow Bible

I have been researching flowering at higher humidities so have numbers in my head that likely would be wrong for you lmao

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Just a quick note: I would suggest re-potting with some fresh dry soil.

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Now that you mention the Grow bible…I have had a hard time getting it…I must have downloaded it 3 times already and nothing…where is it.