FirstTimers 3rd Grow: Blue Dream Auto, CBD Kush Auto, Critical Mass CBD Auto

My two CBD seeds have germinated and in soil now waiting to sprout up, my two Blue Dream Auto is still in water waiting for germination.
I will start with this picture, which, also includes a flowering White Widow CBD Auto and an unknown CBD Auto from the ILGM CBD sampler (Its either Kush or Critical Mass CBD Auto)


My 'Mystery CBD Autoflowers have sprouted and are seedlings. They are either CBD Kush or CBD Critical Mass, from the CBD sampler pack.

Here is one further along from the same CBD sampler pack. It is either a Kush or a Critical Mass (CBD Auto) Anyone have a guess which?

And of course, my first love: White Widow CBD Auto

Lastly, my Blue Dream seeds have germinated in water and with their tiny tails sticking out…I placed them direct in soil, instead of the usual ‘wet paper towel until the tail/root is longer’ approach. Im keeping the soil wet/moist and am hoping they will break soil successfully.

Yesterday after drying those ‘2 WW CBD Auto plants that I had to leave out on the porch…’ I cleaned them up and got just under 2.5 OZ. each from them. They are in Grove bags.

Enjoying my White Widow Auto CBD vaping them…might get some papers and roll a joint

Thanks for watching!

Thats it for my ‘3rd grow’

I’m gonna guess Critical Mass. I think the CBD Kush will have broader leaves. That said, I have a 50/50 chance of being wrong. Looking good!


Found it lol

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Blue Dream Auto
My Blue Dream Auto just broke the surface! So, Day One I will consider is August 28th.

My White Widow CBD Auto is doing well:

My ‘mystery’ CBD Auto (Kush or Critical Mass) is on a growth spurt finally after a kinda slow start:

My two ‘unknown seeds’ from the same 'CBD seed group) CBD Kush or Critical Mass CBD:

My goal is to make a combo of Blue Dream (higher THC) with some of the High CBD strain as I’ve been smoking the White Widow CBD and I think I can handle a bit more THC now that Ive started on the ‘low end’ of THC.

After a few weeks of smoking my White Widow Auto CBD about every day, in the afternoon, I am enjoying it effects, which are primarily:
calmness, and no more insomnia. Those are the two strongest ‘therapeutic’ effects.
‘fun’ effects are food tastes better and sex is better…i wonder how much THC is in the WW because I thought that increased appetite for certain types of food are more of a THC effect? Anyone know anything about that?
The effect does seem to be primarily a ‘body’ effect. I dont feel stones or high…but I do feel kinda calm and a bit lazy (I should say a bit MORE lazy than usual as i ma a pretty lazy guy, normally)
Lastly, I have an arthritic knee and an arthritic hip that hasnt been affected by the cannabis…so, I’m wondering about the whole ‘physical/chronic pain’ relief aspect of cannabis.

Also, after i grow all the Auto seeds…I’m gonna try my hand at photo plants. Anyone have any recommendations I can start thinking about of a photo plant with high CBD and high THC that gives a good harvest?



Thanks for the guess! :+1:

good-- thanks for looking in!

3rd Grow Invite



Thanks for the invite and I’ll be following along.

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I’m here as well, looking good


Along for the ride. My first grow is in the home stretch. Good luck.


Its been a hot summer…and my grow closet is 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house even with the A.C. on. I dont like to grow my autos in such high heat…I like the 76-80 range.
Sometimes it can push up to 85 or 86…anbd at 86 the plants look like they are ‘weary’

here are my two CBD’s:

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PS. I decided to ‘experiment’ with putting two plants in my 5-gallon cloth pots and seeing how they do…maybe I will just have to add ‘extra’ nutrients? We will see…I have been experimenting with my grows so that once i find the strains I like, and learn Low Stress Training and Topping and defoliation and auto’s and photos’…I can utilise what I learned by not playing it too safe.
Fertiliser-wise…I have learned that the CAL-MAG is SUPER important for my grows…and, I’m not sure if I like FoxFarm nutrients…I dont know… I hear that everybody loves Jack’s nutrtients.
Anyway, If my Blue Dream doesnt like ‘2 in the same pot’, I still have three (3) seeds sealed and stored dark in the fridge. So, I do enjoy ‘experimenting’

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I’m dialed in for the show!
I’ve thought about doing two in one five gallon bag. I’m definitely watching yours.


@FirstTimer1, thank u for the invite my man I lurked over ur previous grows, I’ll lurk over this one also, I don’t grow autos but will contribute if it’s beneficial. Would u be happy with a 21/2 z’s average per plant? N I believe most everyone could handle a bit more THC, try it u’ll like it. Thanks for the smoke test results, I like to call the body effect u describe as “comfortably numb”. Lastly, if ur suffering fron chronic pain, ain’t no pot going to totally relieve ur pain, no matter how much u smoke. U gots positive results from ur grow, if u r sleeping through the night that’s huge n itself, I would b one happy SOB.


absolutely… :+1:

I really don’t think it will throw off the water quantity much, you don’t want to accidentally over-water. I put mine in 5 gal pretty quick (usually 2-3 weeks in) and still water to the size of the plant. My girls on my journal in the veg tent only get 1/2 gal now in their current stage of veg.

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Thanks so much :grin:

Details for those interested:
What strain: White Widow CBD Autoflower, Blue Dream Auto, Kush CBD Auto, Critical Mass CBD Auto (all seeds from ILGM)

  • Method: Soil. 5 parts Happy Frog Soil, 2 parets Ocean Forest soil, 2 parts vermiculite
  • Vessels: cloth 5 gallon Pots
  • PH of Water: always between 6.0 and 7.0. usually right at about 6.5
  • Indoor
  • Light system: HLG 260 Rspec plus Bestva LED plus HLG
  • Temps; 80-83 degrees (it’s been hard to get the temperature lower during the summer)
  • Humidity; 55%
  • Nutrients: Fox Farm bud, grow and Cal-Mag
  • Ventilation system; Fans
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Same issue with the temperature rising, but that’s honestly not too bad. I hover around 85 degrees in an air conditioned room and they do just fine. Just gotta watch the humidity more to avoid mold/bud rot, which I found last grow.

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