First week need help

So my one blueberry is doing great n the second one took an extra day or two to sprout but started off a lil slow n now stuck . It has its rounded leaves the the 2nd set n when then I notice the one leaf is like spiral n folded over n down I didn’t touch my babies but how the heck?? An also she stopped growing if I knew how to send pic I would but idk anyone any ideas or can tell me how to upload a pic so h can c my problem

Apart from pictures you can fill out the support ticket that might already be enough to diagnose the problem :wink:

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Pics help and if you can upload it would be great.
In the mean time sometimes sprouts will stall a while while roots establish.
Sometimes a seedling will look wonky, even deformed. But they usually grow out of it to be great plants.
Dont kill it whatever you do. Just let it grow. Dont give in to the desire to water it more.
As long as your dirt is not bone dry it will be fine.

This is a great read

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Yea it from ilgm auto blueberry n the other one is growing nice Aline side it an of course I wouldnt ever kill it I wanna see if shell grow out of it… She only 9days old

The left side her top leaf

Sometimes thats from a tiny droplet of water while under the lights. It cooks the center just like a magnifying glass. If it was domed it may have condensed. Or a splash got in there.
No matter the cause it should grow out just fine. Otherwise it looks good.

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Yeah, I’m trying my best not to get any on plant…lol but shit happens u Kno unfortunately it was probably when I did the sewran wrap over the pot to create the rain effect… witch in doing so is what most likely caused this hiccup she jus growing so slow the one I have next to her is 2-3 days older n she is doing well as can be… an ? By chance when a seedling top two pointy pot leaf are growing up towards the light u Kno if thar means they to far away still ???