Slow growth need help!

I need help I have grown one plant before this had to pull it before flower in not to knowing about the growth but I have had my plant for almost a month and a half and its just sporting the tri leafs and its just growing very slowly I used old soil it seemed pretty clean I had the plant outside until I made a grow box idk if that has something to do with it or not and it had deformed. Leafs but the next line grew up so I ruled that out but not sure I water it ever 4-6 days with no fertilizer need help!!

Can you send a pic ? it would be helpful
I would transplant it into larger pot with good drainage and new soil.
I use "miracle Grow potting soil "
Then mix some water with " Root Shock "
Soak the hole with the water and gently put the plant into the new soil cover and add a little more water that’s mixed with root shock.
In 3 - 5 days you will see a big difference in your plant the soil will have nutrents to take care of feeding, just water for 10 to 14 days

This has worked for me every time so it will work for you to.
I would not say if it weren’t true
Hope this helps


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I’m having the exact same issue. I purchased Blueberry, Pineapple Haze and Strawberry Kush. Unfortunately, the labeling was compromised and I no longer know which one is which! Still, Here’s what has happened:
One group, three of the five seeds are so slow, that after a month (planted on July 3rd), there’s one set of fan leaves (about two inches), and there’s only 1 set of growth, followed by a second set. All in all, it’s way too small considering all I’ve done so far.

Now the the 2nd group, two seed sprouted w/ leaves that were in a stage of curl, with a light green edge. This group grew, but the first set of fan leaves look like they were over nuted, which is odd, since I didn’t use any, and they sprouted this way. The plants have since grown as expected, six-eight sets of five fan leaves. Just the first set came out weird.

So now I have five out of fifteen plants that I’m really concerned about. How will this affect the overall growth of the plants? I’m ready to start adding the nutes, but I’m hesitating on the plants w/ problems, until I know what is happening.

I’m using FoxFarm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest mixed w/plain soil,distilled water, and 2- 600 veg lights. I know how “hot” their products can get, so I took great care when transplanting them over, but I must repeat - two of the plants sprouted weird even before planting them in dirt (I place them in the hydro cubes, let them grown two sets of leaves, then plant them in dirt).

I’ve done this too many times and it’s usually ‘event-free’ so I’m not real happy about the possibility of losing seeds or getting poor quality from the plants! arggh!

So that’s it. Two groups are growing lush and beautiful, with the exception of two plants that started out strange (all roots are bright, white, beautiful and strong): the other group is growing so slow, I can’t figure out what to do but wait, since there doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong with them.

Any suggestions anyone?
I’ll try to send photos, but I’m a little nervous about that.


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I would just let them grow. They will grow at there own pase. But they will grow. No point an pulling all your hair out over something you have no control over.
I found this out over time.

B Safe

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You have no problems I can see. Let it grow. Do not over water it. :slight_smile:

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LOL! I know. I just wanted to see how others have dealt with it. Thanks.

I know that different strains have their own growth rates but 2 seem 2 be in suspended animation :slight_smile: started all @ same time. Using Root riot cubes & mineral water filtered which was then placed on window sill. just moved outside 2-3 days ago. Any suggestions please. TY Now just using tapped well water.