First Timer On A Long Strange Trip

So I’ve got everything recommenced on a previous thread and I’m finally ready. I sourced some AK-47 Auto seeds locally (Ill be buying some from ILGM in the near future as well) and have them soaking in distilled water. They were still floating after 24 hours so I lightly tapped them down. I discovered a great local growing store and they recommended a different kind of soil for early germination (Light Warrior fox farm) - they mentioned that autos can be hard to start. I still have to hook up my fans and filter - I’m not sure how I can hang both filter/fan without having to find another support pole somewhere to hang them from. Here we go!


Welcome aboard , nice set up not familiar with that soil but I do use use fox farms happy frog. Are you gonna switch to paper towel method soon I have better results. I grow autos here to help if you need me.


Thanks a ton @SKORPION. I was going to pour them out on paper towels tomorrow night - assuming they haven’t sprouted by then. Maybe I should do it now instead?


No reason not too just heat the water up a bit I use warm water when I put them on a paper towel … Trade secret


@SKORPION and don’t forget the satellite receiver. It’s the perfect temp. I like to add a drop of hydrogen peroxide. It helps breakdown the seed membrane.


Enjoy the journey. I’m gonna follow along!

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Thanks for following @GreenPinkie! I followed your advice @SKORPION and @beardless and poured the seeds out on a paper towel, then put them on top of our cable box. From what I’ve read you need to keep it moist but not soaked. I’ll spritz it tomorrow morning before work and hope it doesn’t dry out during the day.

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One other thing. Put the paper towel in a plastic bag to prevent from drying out. Hope you get some tails.


Trying that with the ones I have in paper towels now!

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Your right. I woke up this morning and everything was completely dried out. Hopefully it won’t affect anything - I had the towels soaked only 7 or so hours before when I first placed the seeds there. Thankfully I read your reply before work and put them in a plastic bag - I won’t be home for 14 hours or so.

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I just use a cup till they grow a tail then in a 3 gal. pot oh I put aluminum foil over the cup

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Glad you caught them.

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I always use a plate or saucer under them, holds the moisture better and is a buffer a bit. Good luck

I’ll try longer in the cup if this fails. I’m only doing 2 seeds at a time to learn from my mistakes - I’ll remember the aluminum foil as well :slight_smile:

So you use a plate under the paper towels and use a plastic bag over the whole thing or just use the plate without a plastic bag?

It’s been two and a half days (24 hours soaking in water then 36 hours in wet paper towels). It may be my imagination but one of the seeds may be starting to crack? I have to resist the urge to look at them every few hours.

Yes a plate under the towel and bag around the towel, keep the paper towels damp, i allow baggie to remain open not sealed. I found that if u put the p towels right on something warm they dry out rather quickly without the plate is all, I also am gone all day and cannot check them to insure moistness

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Five days out and I’m finally starting to see progress. One definitely has started a tail but is it getting stuck in the seed husk? At first I thought my other seed may be a dud, but after enlarging the photo I think I see the start of a tail sticking out on the upper left

A full week and no change over the last few days. I’m not sure if I should give up on these seeds and start with new ones or plant them in Dixie cups as they are and see what happens. Thoughts?

I went ahead and placed the seeds in some Fox Farms Light Warrior and put my led lights on them. My T5s should arrive tomorrow and I can move them over but I don’t have a whole lot of faith of anything coming out of the soil. I had three seeds left so I started two soaking in water and planted one right in the soil to start off with. We will see what happens