First timer ~ ILGM BG,OG &JH Auto’s Indoor Closet ~

Day 12 from seed and after transplanting to their 3 gallon pots they are finally looking like something (With the exception of one OG that I had to restart after messing up the first) I’ll try to do 2 or 3 in the closet with the others going outdoors.


Definitely looks like it’s crowded already. Good luck on the grow. I’m hoping to drop seeds Saturday. Still have a few things to buy before I’m ready.

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I know I know… Ive been eyeing a few places in “the wild” to put 4 of them outdoors at some point. Not sure how big they need to get before putting them out.

I’m guessing you’re in the southern hemisphere?

South Louisiana… Hot and sticky !!! Lol

Lol does it stay warm enough in winter to plant outdoors? I’m in oklahoma so they’d never survive past November or December.

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On average for a 10 week period I would say yes.We are usually in the 70’s and 80’s at Christmas… That said we occasionally have a freakish cold snap make it through.

Wow that’s crazy. I’ve been in Miami on Christmas one year. It was in the 70s before sunup. To me that’s crazy. We have some years we barely have many days below freezing then we have others where you don’t have a clue what one day to the next will be. 60 degrees one day snowing and 25 degrees the next.

Yep… sweating at Christmas sucks… Ive had the majority of mine wearing shorts, tee-shirt and flip flops !! I started 2 of each of the seed types that came in the Auto 2.0 Mix Pack not being sure of the success or lack of I would have from seed, but so far so good.


Nice. I’m only dropping 4. Two of each strain. Hopefully they all pop as I don’t have room for more than 4 and I really need them all on the same schedule to keep it simple as possible lol. But I’m not running ILGM seeds so who knows what will happen.

I originally was going to start with seeds from MSNL …think that was the name but was turning into a hassle trying to order. ILGM was simple, debit card went right through. The other place had a lot of auto’s I would have like to have tried especially a Lemon OG.Maybe another time !!

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Yeah I’ll eventually try seeds from here. I just found a good source somewhat local to me with good prices. My first two strains are Bloody skunk auto and Red Poison auto. I’ve got several different autos and a few photo fems. I need to stop buying them lol. It’s like an addiction on its own lol.


Lol…I’m 55 and this is the first time growing… I can only wonder how many 1000;s of seed Ive chunked in my life. :slight_smile:


Lol I haven’t smoked in at least 15 years. Never tried growing before either. But medical problems and a severe lack of sleep (as noted with the nearly 3 a.m. on the internet lol) has me doing it for relief. I can only smoke right after a doctor appt now cause I take a piss test every visit. If I pee hot I lose my meds. So that’s why the auto strains will hopefully get me stocked up quicker and I can quit the pills or cut way back.

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Yep… Very similar here. I was with a pain management dr for 7 years after a disabling injury. I got off everything last 18 months or so. I have been on subtutex for the last year with hopes of getting of it as well and just using herb.

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Mine hasn’t been that long only about a year but the longterm outlook is the same as I am now. So might as well start planning for the future. I don’t want to be on pills forever. Especially the opiates. They make me miserable.

Edit about 15 months now to be exact.

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Get off while you can brother… Its a miserable habit to kick. I was on a Fentynel patch and 150mg of oxycodone a day for about 5 of those 7 years and honestly my pain is the same taking them or not taking them.Sleep is what I’m hoping to get back… some nice quality sleep !!

Amen to that. I have cut way back on the pain meds in exchange for trying new nerve pain specific meds. Just started the first one. It works decent but messes with my memory. I think I’ll try one of the others next month. If I can get one of them to work and not cause me any major side effects I’ll be happy for now. My doctor offers to raise my pain meds every visit but I always refuse. I need higher but refuse to do it.

Well I’m finally tired enough to attempt some sleep. It was nice chatting with you. I’ll definitely be following along and I’ll tag you when I get mine started this weekend.

Okay buddy… Rst well !!