Fergus’s Grows 1-6

Hi all from New Zealand.
This is my second post the first one doesn’t seem to be active.
I have a 2 x 2 x 5 indoor tent for my first ever grow.
Followed advice here and popped seeds in water for 24 hours then into current pots.
Soil is home made mix of garden soil with added compost and potting mix with perlight and epson salts as its all I had during lockdown. Flushed some water through a sample of soil as my ph meter just arrived and it reads 7.3
Any advise really appreciated. Like most new people I am reading alot to help educate myself. So much fun so far. The reason I want to grow my own medicine is to treat migraine disease which has over 40 sypmtoms not just headache and nausea. 2 years ago I found weed to be far superior than any top shelf meds but here in NZ its still illegal and can only be bought from questionable sources.
Unfortunately my order from ILGM didnt ever arrive so the good people are resending. In the meantime I got 5 x pink panther seeds and 5 x Bubba Kush to learn with.
These are 6 days old. Having to keep the door open as temp up to 85deg. Also placed a wet towel in there as humidity was 40? Now 55? My set up.

  • 1x70x70x160cm TGF (the Green Fairy Tent 1680D mylar tent 3D Diamond reflective interior (premium tent)
  • 1x400w Ballast (vented)
  • 1x400w HPS Bulb 3100k
  • 1xHID Winged reflector
  • 1x100mm inline centrifugal fan with 3 speed controller
  • 1x100mmx300mm carbon filter
  • 1x100mm x 10 meter ducting
  • 1x Auto timer (manual)
  • 1x Hygrometer



Hey, @Fergus I’m set watch your grow journal. I know that I’m following so many journals that sometimes I don’t get a chance to check out new post. I think that is true for a lot of people. You should start reading and following other journals. The more active you are, the more likely people will see your journal. Don’t be shy, ask questions and if you want, tag people on journal and invite them to follow. :+1:


Thanks so much @Bulldognuts Still getting used to the forum layout and how it works but cant wait to learn from you all. I like doing things well so looks like Im in the right place.


Tuned to watching as well. Gonna come along on the journey, if you don’t mind :v:

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You are very welcome please tag anyone you think might be interested.

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Day 8 still warm here during the day so have tent door open all day. Added a wet towel to increase humidity and it worked well. Watering at the end of each day.
Bubba Kush of the left a bit behind Pink Panther on the right. Was planning on first grow being Autos but as seed never arrived had to use what did arrive from DSS.
Was going to try 2 autos but guess now I have photos I might be better picking just 1.
ILGM have just resent order as promised.
Any tips very welcome and please tag people that maybe interested as I dont know my way round much yet.

Many thanks, Fergus


Looking a bit better tonight.
Still got a Kush hanging on to its shell.
I had my days mixed up too this is day 6


Use tweezers and a toothpick to get the shell/shell membrane off. Nice start!


I have also used a stick pin and a needle as well :+1: :v:

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Week 1 done.
Discovered spray bottle not watering enough so will maybe use a dish underneath.
Thanks for the tips to get the seed shell off. Im only going to fit 1-2 plants in the tent so will pick the best 1 of each once they have developed more. Also going from 12/12 to 16/8

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Light height and temp issue?

Ill tag a few of you that I follow hope you dont mind
@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @blackthumbbetty

So my little tent gets too hot so I have the door open to keep temp down currently 80. But as I read more it seems my light is too far away from seedlings 4ft
They seem healthy so far but my question is should I be working on getting my light closer?
I am assuming as I drop it lower the temp is going to rise even more.
Its spring here so most days its 75ish outside temp.
Im not running the inline fan as it didnt seem to change anything and Ive also got both side vents open.

Thank you so much for your help.



What light are you running again? If MH/HPS that’s about right. If LED you have options like turning it down, and definitely can lower it.

You might find having a second, smaller fan running just to vent the headspace (warmest part of tent) which would skim off 5F or so.

80 isn’t bad BTW: I get nervous above 84F.

  • 1x400w Ballast (vented)
  • 1x400w HPS Bulb 3100k
  • 1xHID Winged reflector

Thanks @Myfriendis410 I’ve got s couple of fans here to choose from.
It was a steady 86 until I opened the door a bit more.

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Do you have any cool tubes on those lights? That might help.

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No didnt even know what they were until I Googled. About $90 here so I think ill try the fan first but definitely something to consider if other option fails. Thank you.

Looks like myfriendis410 has you set

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Another question please.
I have bought 30 litre/8 gal pots for these to go into will they be too big?
I added 200mls of water each today as the soil was drying too quick from just misting.

You guys rock :sunglasses:

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A lot of people grow in 7 gallon, so 8 gallon should be fine.

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I know of a Fergus Ferguson from NZ. What a coincidence! :grinning:

Definitely get that light closer, if it’s an led! Usually, I start fairly high up at 34", myself. 4 feet is very high! Notice how long the stems are on your seedlings? Lowering the light will help decrease the stretch.

Edit: nevermind, it’s an hps. I have zero knowledge of those lights, myself. Sorry!

Its not a very common name either :grin:

Thanks for that, it just seemed a bit high Ill drop it some today.
Its slowly getting cooler now as the season changes so each day its a little easier to manage the tent temperature.
First watering yesterday 100mls each (rather than misting) and the soil is still slightly moist 24 hours later, so will stretch out watering intervals.

My next question is when to transfer to 8gal pots?

I dropped 4 seeds in the hope of 1-2 plants so will only have 2 pots in tent.
Rather than toss the other 2 seedlings I have a plastic greenhouse out the back I might put them in. If they handle the environment great and if not nothing lost.

Thanks again Ladies and Gents