First Timer Grow Journey

My first grow doing it this way I used to plant in the woods and pee around it 1 time a week. But that was many years ago. I have a nice setup researched and bought from respected places and got 2 kind of seeds. White widow and GDP feminized. I am call today DAY 0. I see the little girls pushing up the soil so I highly expect tomorrow I will see my babies for the first time. Wish me luck!


Currently inside the tent


Welcomed to the community @Chasefan3709

Nice setup congratulation you re in you way

Happy growing🤘

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Welcome to the community people here are ready to help in anyway if needed happy growing

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Welcome and good luck with your grow! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community, first timer! Happy Growing!:sunglasses:

Welcome to the community. A great place to take a Grow!! :blush::v:

Welcome to the fam! Good luck and enjoy!:love_you_gesture:t3::v:t3:

Welcome to the community. Congrats on your first grow.

Guess I can say DAY 1!!!


Day 2 Am

Day 2 Pm

Day 3 Am

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Day 4 am put a little more fox farm soil in it to sturdy it up a hair. It’s a baby but looking beautiful already

Close out Day 4
Goodnight Girls :heart::heart::fuelpump::fuelpump:

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So I did this thing on Day 5 with a dome Wi-Fi camera


So just an update 2 of my girls are looking strong and healthier more everyday. Strong stems standing straight. Got my ph at 6.5 humidity around 65-70 temp 75. Started her on fox fuel Big Bloom and now today

Fox Farm Grow Big. Even signs of white hairs on the stems. So far :blush: good :+1:

Night Camera

Day 16

Day 13

Day 18