First time stealth grow. WW auto from ILGM and 1 bagseed

Ive been lurking this forum for a while and this is my first personal grow. I’m growing in a stealth box about 2 feet tall 8 inches deep and and 12 inches wide. I’m using a 150w ufo led light with 1 liter airpots. I’m not expecting o’z and o’z but a little something and the self gratification of knowing I can bring life into something. How safe is it for me to post pictures?

All pictures are work of fiction anyway


Welcome to the site! It seems to be fairly safe to post pics here, same people still here as when I joined. Lol! I’ve never tried a stealth grow in a small area like you’re doing, but you need to keep it short. Read up on topping, LST, and cropping to help maintain a short plant once it gets larger. You have plenty of time to read up as you go. You will also want to switch lighting to 12/12 around three weeks to promote early flowering to keep height at a minimum.

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Also keep close watch on temps and humidity. They’re change very quickly in a small area

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Thanks for the tips
I’m going to buy one of those thermometer thingies i see on everyone’s grow that measures temperature and humidity. I’m trying to start early with the lst. The one in the smaller pot I plan on giving away since my friend has a larger space. I’ve been researching so much on lst,topping,supercropping but as far as the auto goes I think I might just fim and top the bagseed to maintain the desired height. Thanks again for the warm welcome tho. =]

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For anyone lurking like I do. This is the current state of my fiction

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For the plant on the left… a cat may or may not have taken a bite of a leaf while transplanting happened. She MAY or may have not enjoyed the minty scent. Lol IASIP.

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Said cat may, or may not, enjoy sharing some of the benefits of your afore mentioned work of fiction! :wink:

I think I may or may have not figured out to use the reply button just now lol. She just ran up took a nibble and ran away. She’s too cute so I let it slide lol

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Hello hello
Just a quick update

Bagseed on the left seems to be doing fine. Wondering when I should start some feeding. I’m gonna go with the FF trio. The WWA on the left is coming in slow and steady. I love seeing the difference day to day

Quick update