First Time Serious Outside Grow

Been battling the growth on my property for years. Cut a tree down and by next year practically regrew. Sooo I was excited in May when I started a little outside bed. Planted couple little girls and the rabbits dug them up and ate roots. Sooo chicken wire enclosure with 2 Runtz clones. No more rabbit problem, but wow, growth is very good.

June 8th

July 11th

The plants were doing well so well decided to add 2 more.

Planted July 4th

July 11th

They love this 90 degree sticky crap we were having all last week.
The first planted are growing like 4 inches a day. The one has single fan leaves and almost looks like a corn stalk.Makes me want to put all my tent pots outside during the day.


That warm humidity is ideal for veg. Great job!