First time Scrogger any advice?

So here is my attempt at a scrog set up just wanted to get everyone’s opinions or advice let me know how I am doing

number of plants
how old

first thoughts are
squares in net are too large
net not taunt
too many plants for scrogging - maybe SOG
plants need thinning / defoliating
If net is only for support - then ok
Plants look healthy.

If you want to see an effective scrog check out PiratedSoldiers 5x5 Indoor Monster’s :imp:
Its stuff dreams are made of.

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So I attempted this once with multiple plants. Depending on your strains when you flip you will have to do daily training to keep them in check.

Doing a double trellis is good just make sure you don’t put it in too early or it’s effectiveness is wasted. Meaning they will still not be supported with their weight.

Strongly recommend ONE plant per screen: plants never finish at the same time, if an issue comes up that needs a plant pulled out etc. makes it very hard to do if multiple plants are in the same net.

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