First time growing 🌿

First 2 pictures) are 2 seed I got out of a bag of :herb:
First 1 is three months old…2 pic is 2 months old

The last 2 pictures are 1 auto I have from ILGM- 1 month old from germination date


Looking good! Welcome to the forum.


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Welcome to the community


Welcome to the neighborhood. Looking good, happy Growing :blush::v:


Welcome to the forum! Looks like a good start!


Welcome aboard isn’t it just amazing.


Welcome to the community




Welcome to the community!


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At one in the afternoon, mind sharing what strain or strains your sampling on.

I need that spirit.

You go girl.


The auto is girl scout cookies…the smallest plant.

The other 2…I don’t know :woozy_face::face_in_clouds:


Of course i share. My fav is Malawi and Maui wowie. I always keep enough for me. My brownies i use larf from both.


Put those in some happy frog starting out…with the other half of the soil ocean Forest.

Watering with distilled water…and giving banana water… once every few days. :sparkles:Sprinkling cinnamon on the top of the soil to prevent any kinda mold issues

(Large plant in the gray pot) I Broke the main branch at the split (fixed with a honey :honey_pot: & zip-tie) plant still going 2wks later :relaxed::crossed_fingers:

I see a lot of people using tents… but space is limited for me…& starting out I didn’t wanna spend a mass amount of $…so I went to dollar tree and got :sparkles:sun visors for a car windshield… got a light from Lowes…and here I am :grin::crazy_face::upside_down_face:


Welcome to the community! You found the right one for sure. You’ll find everything you want or could ever need to know about growing here just do some reading and asking!

That’s the absolute best way to get things rolling. Cinnamon is a natural fungicide and pest deterrent. Be careful applying dont overdo it tho since it can be harmful to the added beneficial fungus living in your Fox Farm soil. A light sprinkle once every 4–6 weeks is sufficient, more doesn’t help in this case.
Being a victim of the misleading light market a few times, whenever you’re ready to purchase a grow light be sure to ask around here and do some research. 5 cheap lights won’t perform like a quality fixture. Save up and buy a good quality light from a reputable company. It’s one of the most important pieces in your grow.

Get Growin.


I was using 6 cheap lights they worked but the difference in many ways my 650R Diablo is superior and I run at 60 percent so I dont cook them


thank you for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

I have definitely been adding to much cinnamon :frowning_with_open_mouth: I’m going to stop that for a while :+1:

I have to upgrade my light at some point. . .

The brand I have now is good Earth lighting. 14.4in…says 78 watts (is that even close to enough?)

with a light intensity 117 par/ppf (*not really sure what that means) with 3 spectrums of light.

Do you have any recommendations on any lights?

Also, what about nutrients?? Do you think the banana water will be enough?

I do have three bottles of fox farm feeding stuff…I can’t figure out how to properly mix it. . . so. . .I’ve never used it :woman_facepalming: I’m scared of burning the plant :herb:

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Start with 1/2 the dose recommended around 4 or 5 weeks. You will need some decent water testing meters to mix with unquestionable accuracy. In soil you want to be at 6.5 ph and 1000ppm on your feeds and 6.5ph water other times. Fox farm trio will be a great starting point providing the basic nutrients needed. Mix 1 gal of water as described on the packaging and simply add that to a second gallon of water for 1/2 strength.

If I can say anything about lighting it’ll be this, get yourself a quality fixture. I’ve spent quite a bit on Amazon grow lights with very little luck. Do your research and know what your plants need before deciding on a light to buy. Nearly every single light on Amazon has misleading or false information. Beware!

I use a Green Beams GB2 240w light and I’m 100% satisfied with my results. It’ll do 3-4 well trained plants. I grow 2-3 photoperiods that get topped twice and low stress trained. I gave less than $200 for my fixture it has very good leds (Samsung LM301b) some of the best in the market. A remote driver to move the power supply out of the grow room. I love it. Small USA company with great service.

HLG make some amazing fixtures, likely the best in the horticulture market. They’re a bit pricy but you absolutely will get all of your $ worth from them.

Par ratings are how much light energy is available for the plants. You should have 300ppfd at the canopy for new plants 600-800 for vegetative and 1000-1500 for flowering plants. I use DLI and PPFD readings with the Photone app. DLI measures how much light is available in a given period of time.

You wanna shoot for 30-40 watts per square foot of grow space. That can vary depending on light type tho.

Here are my girls that live under the green beams 240w lamp, you can see the light hanging in one of the pictures. They’ve seen nothing but that light since they started flowering. They vegged under a couple cheap lights. They’re in the 7th week of flowering.