First time growing unknown brand California

Hi family from ILGM, this is my first time ever growing. I start using 4x4 grow tent, using #8 12 days clones. After 21 days of transplants I start the transition for flowering stage. I don’t know the name of the clones, because who sale me the clone said it’s Bada Coockie, but I mever found that brand or the name on the internet. I’m just wondering, at this stage, how far the light goes?

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@J7Alvarez welcome to the forum! Looks like your off to a good start. What light are you running there? You might need a little more with the number of plants you have there. I can fill my 3x4 with three plants and just enough room to stand :slight_smile:

Hi @ItsPat Thank you.
It’s KingLed 2000W 2 fases

Uh yea… I’ll watch this one…

I had 2 1000w Kingled panels with the 3 chip leds. I still use them for red fill during flower (when I can afford the extra heat).
I think your going to do fine during veg, but you might want a bit more light in flower if you want each plant to grow to full potential.
Once your in flower and the light is 36" from the ground you’ll see tons of shadows around the edge of the tent.

I haven’t made the HLG lighting purchase yet that most will push you toward for off the shelf lights, but if you do go out to buy some more lighting I would look at the white led lights. I’m using a mars TSL-2000W (300w actual) and really like the end results.

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