First time growing hydro

Hey all I’m neeer to the hydroponic growing and I’m having a problem. I have 2 plants going right now one of which is growing quickly but might have some genetic mutations. Then I have one that looks normal and is hardly growing anymore. Both plants exactly the same time. Using rockwool with clay pebbles. Water is at 5.5 ph level. Temps 75 inside grow tent. Using general hydroponics nutrients. Flushing water once a week. Light schedule 18 on 6 off. Light 18 inches away from top of plants.

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What is the TDS of nutrient solution? How far below hydroton is water level? Are you top feeding now? What is the condition of roots and have any reached rez? What is rez temp? What exactly are you using for light?

Rez temp is between 69F and 72F.
Rez level is at the bottom on the baskets.
Lights is a 1000 watt LED full spectrum.
Not top feeding.
The larger plant picture has a large root system probably 8" long.
The smaller plant hasn’t shown any roots growing past the bottom of the basket.
I can test TDS when I get home tonight.

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Your water level should be 1 1/2 to 2" below net basket. Are you running airstones?

Until plant’s roots reach water you need to top feed. You can do it manually if you like by pouring a 1/4 cup of rez water over clay balls 3 times per day but top feed every hour would be better. I used an $8 submersible pump and a 1 1/2 gallon drip emitter from H.D. along with 1/4 inch black hose. Plug into a rotary timer and done. When roots reach water then discontinue dripper. If you soak the hydroton it will cause stem rot.

Rez temps really need to be below 70F. TDS of small plants should be around 250 to 300 ppm right now with a rez change periodically. Also run hydroguard and you can add some ‘Mykos’ as well.