First time growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Hi eeveryone,

After successfully growing some auto flowers with the help of this community I am trying my first couple Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Just a couple general questions I’d like some help with. I dropped the germinated seeds into the red cups on 12/7/2022 it’s now 1/3/2023.

  1. How are they looking?

  2. When should I moved to a larger pot. (It’s been a month since dropping then into the cups). I do want a large yield if possible.

  3. What humidty at temperature should they stay? (Currently they are at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and 45-50 humidity constantly).

  4. How often should I water them? (Currently 2-3oz tap water every week).

  5. How many hours of light should I give them at this stage? (Currently they are at a 18/6 schedule).

Note: I am using a: Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes & Dimmable Lighting Full Spectrum Grow Light for these plants.

Here is the link to the grow light:

Thank you.


Plants are ready to pot up into their final home.

That light will not be sufficient to flower out one plant, much less two FYI.



Thank you for your insights. I’ll move them to a bigger pot

In regards to the lighting, I’ve used this same light to grow all of my Auto flowers. Two three at a time. Do you mind explaining why the light wouldn’t work with these plants?

Below is a screenshot of my grow room with couple auto plants using the light I mentioned.


Only consumes 100w (from the Amazon description)

You can certainly grow under that light but flower will be loose and airy with poor yields. This fixture would be enough to veg one plant with that amount of power but for dense nugs and large yields you would need much more light than that. You would benefit from triple the amount of light you currently have running.


Your spider farmer will do okay as long as you train your plants effectively. Look into different training methods.

could you use more light? The answer is yes. I would use 1 of those for each plant.

Nice and happy. The nodes are close together, and color is good!

They’re ready for their forever homes!

That’s a good range humidity could use a slight bump to 55.

Your best bet is going to be inspection, it’s rudimentary but lift the pots and cups, get a feel for what they weigh immediately after watering… water is heavy… then again when they’re dry.

This is a great chart to use. 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower.

Happy farming!!!

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I do agree with @Myfriendis410, you would benefit greatly from a more powerful light, while your light is sufficient to grow MJ with it would thrive with more. :slight_smile: your light will grow it tho.


@Freebirdmikes and @Myfriendis410

I also have this light that I purchased but never installed:

Do you think adding both to the grow room would suffice?

My grow room size is about a 2x3.

Definitely add it and one more would do 3 plants okay.

I run higher end diodes than are offered there and I run one 200 watt fixture over each plant times four.


2 of those over 2 plants would be good. Getting even light coverage over your canopy is essential. That’s a decent light for a single plant.

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Are you running the LM301H or the LM301B EVO? @Myfriendis410

Would you two say a sf-4000 is okay for a4x4 @Myfriendis410 @Freebirdmikes

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I’m no lighting expert but that seems more than sufficient friend :grin: @WaPNWGrower

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Can you fit 2 of those in a 4x4?!?! If I’m not mistaken that light is 4x4?

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LMAO STONER MOMENT!!! Mis read that !!!

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It’s not exactly a 4x4 light Lmfao it’s all good I do that all the time

For watering I’ve been using regular tap water. It’s been raining here where I’m from and I’ve been thinking of collecting some rainwater for these plants. Would that be a good idea or should I stick to watering them with tap water that has a ph between 6-7.

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Rainwater is great. Do you have a tds/ec meter? It’s a great tool to have to determine when you should start feeding. It’s used to test the total dissolved solids in the water. Tap water is okay, I use filtered water from a local drinking water company personally since the city water has extra junk in it.


My lights are diy built from Samsung EB strips. 240 watt peak on each, measuring 22 X 30". Four panels in a 4 X 8 grow ‘room’.


@Freebirdmikes @Myfriendis410

I just added my second light.

So currently my grow room set up looks like this:

Running a:

And a:

What do you guys think? Enough light or should I add more? I’m concerned because they are two different types of lights.

Also, I want to be cautious of fire hazards. Would I run into any issues running both of these lights? My grow room is a 2x3 and I observed after having both lights on the rooms temperature at its peak is about 90 degree Fahrenheit. Can you guys let me know if this is of concern or I shouldn’t worry about it.


Not hot enough to be a fire hazard.