First time growing an auto

I ordered a spider farmer sf1000 n wanted to know what size tent would be appropriate for full cycle grow with the spider farm sf1000 . I was think 4ftby2ftby5ft will that b nough light for 2-3 plant in that size grow tent

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2x4x5 doesn’t give you much height, but you may be able to get away with it with autos. A 2x4 is big enough for 2 plants. I would worry more about lighting, which is probably the single most important factor for growing quality buds.

The light you mention is only a 100 watts, which is less than ideal for even one plant. You’re going to need better lighting if you want to run more than 1 plant at a time. As a general rule, you need 35 to 50 watts of quality lighting for each square foot of cannabis canopy. Spider Farmer are making quality lights these days, but you’re going to need more.


Because you already have a sf1000 I would get one of these to go with it in the 2x4. It’s the older version 1000 the difference is it doesn’t have a dimmer, personally I think a dimmer is not necessary on a 100w light. Just a suggestion

You an me both but w.e an yea I didn’t want to jus but any light but I have some plants going that will die if I don’t get some kind of good lightening on these girls… so 100$ on seeds an my 2 northern lights are doing great n my one blueberry is doing great . The other one jus started perking n doing well too…but I already feel p.o bout finding out to late bout hlg lights n how good they are but I’m going give this a shot n start saving cash for either another sf1000 figure 2 of them should b great for a 3-3-6 tent or an hlg 135 ?? That’s other thing I Kno nothing bout these lights can u suggest a good light for 250-350

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I’m not a fan of hlg but it’s a personal experience, but their lights are very good. I know that they have some good deals on kits and my understanding is if you can work a screwdriver you can put em together.
There are so many companies using the same quality parts now that you can find some really great deals out there spider farmer and Mars are even over priced now and hlg was already. You just have to educate yourself a little about how to read the light descriptions and separate out the bs. I’m just starting to understand it so I don’t trust myself not to lie to you by mistake

Yes I’m fairly new to this as well but Ibhave a mars hydro ts 600 in a 3x3x6 tent n over 2 northern lights an they r doing jus splendid wish I knew how to send a pic . There only little over a week but still you know???

I just got one of these to supplement my other light a Mars Hydro 2000 it blows the light away. Viparspectra new model XS2000 Good price and quality HLG meanwell driver and Samsung 301 diodes


What size space is that 2x4 light good for??

270 is right in the range I’m looking to spend.

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20 bucks off too right now. The Viparspectra is the better by far of the two. Depends on your space - in my 4x4 I ran just the single Mars Hydro 2000. At 300 actual watts I did pretty damn good yields etc. I added to up my wattage per square foot and thus increase yield and quality. If I did it again I’d start with one Viparspectra XS2000 then add another one. I could trade someone an oz for the money to buy a second light but I don’t sell… Just thoughts for you.

To neobird thank u so much brother yea Its so overwhelming on what light to get I’ma see how the spidersf1000 does in my 336 ft tent I also have a mars hydro 600 in there …I’m trying to figure out what light I can buy for my girls tent it’s 32"x32"by72" I was thinking an hlg 100 mars hydro ts2000

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To be honest the Mars Hydro 2000 is a good light but compared with the Viparspectra XS2000 not as bright. This may be due to the Viparspectra using a HLG meanwell driver and Samsung 301 diodes. If I had to buy my Mars Hydro again which I almost did, I’d go with that XS2000 Viparspectra lamp.

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Thank u so much for u opoion I think I’m going do the vipar Spectra xs2000 u have given my b.f good advice buck29048 an everything is going well since so I’ma take ur word an I see good results for that light…

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@Steelhrt72 great to hear. They’re really sleek. See my thread for pics of how I shortened up the hangers to allow more height when your babies grow tall😁

I’m new and am still in the planning stages, I saw a 1000w led light for basically a 4’x2.5’ area. I plan on growing maybe 3 to 4 plants will that work? Giixer 1000w grow light.

@KPC those are old blurple style lights they’ll work but nothing like the new quantum board leds. There’s a bunch of the new qb lights out on the market which has driven the prices down. Those viparspectra lights @Steelhrt72 mentioned are getting good reviews but I would definitely shop around before you buy and stay away from those box style lights very few are worth a chit


Amen u speak the truth.:alien:

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Hey thanks for the response. Can you give me some model numbers or specific lights that would work best for me?

@KPC What kind of budget are you working with? What size tent/room are you looking to use? Do you have to have the name to brag about? How risky are willing to go? There’s some really good cheap stuff but questionable on customer service if you have a problem
I’m a fan of spider farmer but when I started buying them they were good prices for what you got. So many companies are making very similar lights now that you can get a better price but you won’t get better customer service. Which is why I stay with their products

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I’m going to get a 4x4 tent. I don’t want to have to go buy a new one after the first grow or two. I’ve ordered auto seeds from ilgm, mix pack sour diesel, super skunk & ak47, I don’t have an unlimited budget but I can and would spend for the right light.

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I would go spider farmer but I’m bias because of my experience with customer service and running their lights for a while now I’m impressed with what I’ve been able to grow. The 4000 would work great for 4x4. I have a 7000 in my 4x4 (overkill but nice) and 2x… 2000 in 2x4s

I like Mars hydro lights and have seen some amazing grows under them on here. I believe Amazon has kits for around 600 bucks for light and tent. Think they’re ts3000 and tsw2000 might have those backwards the ts could be the 2000 lol sorry old man brain

Sonofarm 4000 lower priced have been hearing good about them
Viparspectra xl4000 I believe it is, but have recently heard good
I-power is supposed to have a new one out to can’t remember the numbers
I know I’m missing something life has been kickin my ass lately and my brain is just tired I guess I can’t think of more right now if I think of em I’ll hit you up with more. Key is to check out the ppfd maps or footprint numbers and remember 500+ is necessary to grow quality flower and watch the measurement of the map and remember most of all that the less you know of the company the less you know about the person that drew the map n numbers on it